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Headquarters : Switzerland
Min Despsit : 250 USD
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250 USD
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Phone: +41435084931
Email: cs@fsmsmart.com
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Cash-U, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Neteller, PayPal, QIWI, Skrill, Webmoney, Western Union, Wire Transfer
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Cash-U, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Neteller, PayPal, QIWI, Skrill, Webmoney, Western Union, Wire Transfer
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24 Hours
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English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
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  1. This is probably the most comfortable broker I’ve been with. They have amazing conditions and reliable platform. This broker promotes client-oriented service with great quality support. Staff are polite and professional, and always available whenever I need them. Im more than satisfied with my choice of broker. I highly recommend fsm smart to anyone.

  2. In the beginning, I was pretty skeptical, but they have proven time and time again to be very effective and efficient in their trades. I’ve made quite a bit thanks to the brokers and i have much faith and trust in their services.

    Anyone who wants to see proof of their work, feel free to find me at taykahken@gmail.com or contact me via whatsapp at +65 91171754.

  3. People always look for an exceptional forex broker. My take on this was that “you will never find them”. I have been trading since 2015 and have gone through countless brokerage firms in hopes of becoming a millionaire. Instead of finding the best, I found multiple forex broker (almost all of which are either stock fraud, broker fraud, scam trading sites, mortgage fraud, trading scams, scam broker, scam broker list, platform trading scams, foreign exchange scams, currency trading scams and scammer list), who promises to make big profit in a short period of time, that allures people without the basic knowledge of trading and investing in trying something that they didn’t understand. Brokerage Firms make money through spreads and more trades means more money for them, that was why they’re rushing their client to make trades or to put more money, with the objective of earning money just for themselves. FSM Smart was different. I received a call from Lloyd, a representative of FSM Smart, and he didn’t offer any big promises, that other stock fraud, broker fraud, scam trading sites, mortgage fraud, trading scams, scam broker, platform trading scams, foreign exchange scams, currency trading scams brokerage firms had promised me before, that I’ll make big profit in just a matter of days, instead he asked me regarding my financial health and advice me on how to take care of my hard earned money. I am a 58 year old, a father of 3 kids and of which 2 of them were already in college. We were financially stable and I told Lloyd about it. I was stunned when Lloyd asked me if my kids were financially stable and what would they do if I died. I wasn’t prepared for that question, I was shocked to realize that I was the only one providing the needs of my kids and that all my dreams for them will vanish once I’ll be gone, and that what encourages me to start investing with FSM Smart. I talked to Luke, which was my broker, regarding his plans based on what me and Lloyd talked earlier. Luke lay out his plan and give me the idea of what to expect. I disagree with some of those, like starting with a small amount since I have been trading with other brokerage firms for the past 3 years and I know that having a smaller balance will be risky if I want to make good profit. Later, we agreed that I will be funding my account consistently every month and the withdrawal was scheduled every 15th of the month. I asked him if that was also the same advice that he is giving to other clients and he said that every client has different needs and does need different approaches. He said that people under the same category as mine was being categorized and passed to a single broker who has the specialty that the client needs. That’s when I realized that trust and openness between a client and the brokerage firm was important. To this date, I had withdrawn a profit equivalent to half of my investments and I am happy to see that things are finally working for good. After receiving all the money that I invested, I am planning to refer my son and start his own investment with FSM Smart. FSM Smart didn’t give me a big profit, but they made sure that I am earning consistently based on the plan that Luke had created for me. FSM SMART MAY NOT BE THE BEST IN GIVING YOU AN INSTANT BIG PROFIT, BUT THEY’RE SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST, THAT YOU’RE INTEREST WAS IN THEIR BEST INTEREST AND THAT THEY’RE DEDICATED IN MAKING A VALUE FOR YOUR FUTURE.

  4. Agent tell lies just to make you open an account. They are very pushy and won’t let you talk. I clearly stated that I want STEX and not FOREX but they pushing their platform and product. Once you open an account, they will get commission that’s why they are very aggressive. She even asked me if I can refer someone so that I can get a commission too. Since we are same nationality, I trust her and give it a try. She even told me that after registration, I can contact her for my queries and there will be a 3-day trial demo and money back guarantee. I asked her name but she refused and will just drop her details via email. And now, after registration, she’s MIA. Didn’t receive any email or call from her. Moving forward, the platform was now installed in my laptop and i didn’t find the options to buy equity. An account manager was trying to fool me, I asked him where is the list of equities and how can i buy it but then he’s showing the currency exchanges to buy. I’m trying my best to be nice and understand him but he’s too much… he won’t listen and answer your questions. He’s goal only is to do trade without asking what is your need. Ooops, before I forgot, I asked my bank to check which company did my $100 was credited to and I was surprised that the description is Men’s clothes merchant. Is FSMSmart categorized as a clothing apparel company? Weird and very suspicious. Do not trust them.

  5. I was very skeptical in starting to trade in the financial market. But I realized that a missed opportunity will cost me more than spending some euros to find if something was worth taking and risking. Gladly, I was on the right track as I’ve found the broker who will suit my need, FSM Smart. I was aware of the increasing number of trading scams, scam trading sites, stock fraud, and I felt sorry for those who has been scammed by scam broker. This review that I am doing is for the people who are still in search of a brokerage firm that they can trust. Before opening my account, I make sure to read articles regarding foreign exchange scams, currency trading scams and foreign currency scams. For me, it was necessary that you know what’s going on so you will not be taken advantage of, knowing that stock fraud, trading scams, and scam broker were already prevalent during these days. I can say that one of the advantages of FSM Smart is being consistent in making money and not a one time big time profit. They will teach you on how trade by yourself and they will help you in creating a future for you and your family. I never denied the fact that I have been thinking that FSM Smart might be one of the trading scams, scam trading sites, stock fraud, scam broker, foreign exchange scams, currency trading scams, trading scams and foreign currency scams. But in my 8 months stay with them, I have not found any fraudulent or suspicious activity lingering on FSM Smart. For me, when you are starting keep in mind about scam trading sites, but when you are already with them and everything goes smoothly, stop thinking about scam trading sites. Trust is very important to have a fruitful relationship with your broker.

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