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Lion Binary Live Contest 2015 Challenge – Hiroseuk


Take the challenge of Lion Binary Options Live Trading Contest 2015 where all prizes are cash. Total Prize fund is up to $6000. Register an account to enter this Live binary Contest.  It’s only require having a LIVE Binary Options account to participate in this competition Challenge

Lion Binary Forex Live Contest 2015

Participate Lion Binary Live Contest 2015

Joining Link: Promotion Expired!  More No Deposit Bonus Forex

Registration time: Through out the contest period

Ending Date: 24 May 2015

Offer is Applicable: All

How to Apply: Need to have a Live Lion binary account

How to gain: Achieve largest contest account equity at the end of the contest time.

Bonus Withdrawal: All Profit and award money can be withdrawn.

Terms & Conditions: Lion Binary Live Contest 2015

Traders can withdraw and deposit funds without limitation during the contest.

You can join available bonus campaign as well.


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