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Regulated By : CySEC, IFSC

Headquarters : Russian Federation

Min Despsit : 1 USD

Broker's Trustability

Since 2009, FBS is on the ground of forex trading with reliability and steady performance. With its outstanding performance and acceptance from 13 million clients in 190 countries, FBS already pocketed around 40 global recognitions and awards.

Their galloping success already grasped acknowledgments and awards like Best Mini Forex Broker, Best Forex Broker Asia, Best Broker in South-East Asia, Best Trading Platform, and so on. Everyone in Forex trading is known for the phenomenal growth of FBS in the last years.

But, how can the forex broker avail you, as well? What are the advantages and requirements of starting trading with FBS? In this FBS review, that is what I am going to share from my earlier experiences.


What is FBS?

FBS is one of a few forex brokers that owned the trust of millions of traders. The forex broker is situated in Belize and offers online trading related to forex, CFDs, metals, and stocks.

Currently, Tradestone LTD is owned and taking care of its entire operations. The CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) is regulating the brokerage house, and its listed license number is 331/17.
FBS Market Inc. is operating its web platform, registration no: 119717. On the contrary, IFSC is responsible for regulating the web platform.

Detailed Review of FBS

In this segment, you are going to explore the core facilities that FBS has to become your first forex broker. So, let’s have a keen start on that.

At A Glance

FBS is getting around 7000 traders’ and partners’ account opening requests per day. 48% of its traders depend on the platform as their prime source of income. In 2018 statistics, FBS got withdrawal requests from the clients every 20 seconds. Nearly 80% of its user base are active participates in trading.

Trader Account Type

At present, there are 5 types of account offerings available for FBS clients such as Cent, Micro, Standard, Zero Spread, and ECN account. But FBS EU clients are only eligible to get access to Standard account.

The Standard account is the perfect pair for experienced market players. On the other hand, if you are a beginner in the field, then most probably, Cent account is the best suit. For precise profit calculation, anyone can count on the Micro account.

To enhance the speed of trading, you can try the Zero Spread account also. And the last one is my favorite, the ECN account. You can get full power and access to forex trading with the ECN technologies. Let’s take a look at the opening balance of each type of account.

  • Opening balance of $1 for Cent,
  • Opening balance $5 for Micro
  • Opening balance $100 for Standard
  • Opening balance $500 for Zero
  • ECN account requires $1000 of initial deposit


The most thrilling part of trading on FBS is its immersive level of leverage for the clients. You can get the chance to trade the maximum amount of credit comparably more than its competitor’s platforms. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

  • Up to 1:1000 for Cent account
  • Up to 1:3000 for Micro account, Standard and Zero-Spread account
  • Up to 1:500 for ECN account

Floating Spread

Basically, the spread is the contrast between the bid you are making and the asking price. It is the chief source of revenue for FBS. FBS is offering both spreads fixed and floating spreads.

  • From 1 pip floating spread on Cent and ECN accounts
  • From 3 pips fixed spread on Micro accounts
  • From 0, 5 pip floating spread on Standard account
  • From 0 pip fixed spread on Zero Spread account


Since there is no commission applicable for Cent, Micro, Standard accounts, you can frequently enjoy a complete portion of your revenue. Although, Zero spread account holders have to share $20 per lot with FBS. And lastly, FBS will charge $6 commission.

Order Volume

On FBS, the order volume can be expanded from 0, 01 to 1000 Cent lots, and that is with 0, 01 step. For all other types of accounts, it’s from 0, 01 to 500 lots. I believe everything seems to be useful, but the ECN account holders should have more limits in a currency pair.

Available Trading Instruments

You can trade up to 35 currency pairs. In the case of metal, it is limited to 4. Besides, there are also options for up to 3 CFD and 33 stocks. But remember, these are for all accounts excluding ECN accounts.

Trading Platforms

If you have previous experience in forex trading, you should have known that MetaTrader enables trading without order deviations. It’s one of the core facts people seek in a brokerage house.

Fortunately, FBS is on the same track to provide you the MetaTrader facility with an extensive range of leverage. You will find both MetaTrader 4 and 5 features on various platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Web, Mac OS, and, nonetheless, on MULTITERMINAL. Let’s take a look at the MT features of FBS.

  • Above 41 tools for currency pairs, CFDs, and Futures
  • Multiple platforms/device sync support
  • EA or Expert Advisors with a fully functional feature
  • Around 50 indicators and stats tools
  • One-click trading
  • 3 types of analytical charts
  • Hedging positions
  • Micro-lot accounts
  • VPS service

Why You Should Trade With FBS

I prefer FBS because it’s easy and profitable trading with FBS. Another reason people love to trade here is FBS always showed their attention to client satisfaction. The monitory board is quite experienced and reliable, as well. Maybe, that is the reason behind 80% of FBS clients stick around with the platform after signing in.

  • Experience and trustworthy brokerage house
  • Internationally recognized
  • Competitive offers on trading
  • Real-time stats access
  • Multiple platform support

Final Thought

In my outlook, forex trading is one of the smartest businesses to hook up with. And one can succeed for sure if there is a bridge with a legit brokerage house. That is what I found in FBS. The main goal of this FBS review is to share my thought and experience with the platform.

I know, someone amalgamates with forex trading with a dream to become a great trader and risks all of his savings. Therefore, instead of rumbling around on the wrong platforms, it’s quite mandatory to stick with the right one.

Fortunately, you are not going to repeat that mistake as everyone does. Great wishes to become the next top trader.

FBS Overview

Company Information

Broker Details Info
Regulated By CySEC, IFSC
Headquarters Russian Federation
Foundation Year 2009
Publicly Traded
Employees 200

Withdrawal Options

Credit Card, FasaPay, Indonesia Local Banks, Neteller, OKPay, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Webmoney, Wire Transfer

Deposit Option

Credit Card, FasaPay, Indonesia Local Banks, Neteller, OKPay, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Webmoney, Wire Transfer

Trading Account Options

Type Info
Min. Deposit 1 USD
Max. Leverage 1:3000
Mini Account
Demo Account
Pro Account
Swap Free
Managed Account

Contact Information

Phone: +60127105683
Email: [email protected]

FBS Trading Features

Suitable For

Trader Level Yes/No
Day Trading
Weekly Trading
Swing Trading

Customer Support

Support Yes/No
24 Hours

Customer Support Languages

Arabic, Chinese, English, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese

Trading Services

Service Info
Supported Trading MT4, MT5
Fixed Spreads
Educational Service
Trading Signals
Email Alert
Stop Loss
Limit Orders
Guaranteed Fills
Trailing SP/TP
Automated Trading
API Trading
VPS Services

Supported Instruments

Type Yes/No

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  1. It’s very simple and easy to open an account and deposit with FBS but making withdraw or find help from support team is very difficult process.

  2. Fbs are the best Broker the world has ever known….. They are good and their platforms is well good and transparency…. So if u want to join the broker with small spread… This is one fbs.Com

    A/c….. 240451018

  3. I think the association of FBS with Barcelona is spectacular. This is a sign of the rapid growth and confidence that FBS has as a Broker.

  4. what i like using FBS is about deposit,Deposit is very easy to find in personal area and can use many type of deposit and its very fast and convenient to me.Thanks FBS

  5. With the Copy Trade service at FBS so I can get consistent profits. FBS is indeed the best broker of the best

  6. I like FBS IB program ,no risks ,some times when the work is good and clients are trading well i get a good bonus ,It is good to have some extra money.

  7. I am copying trades and using FBS copy trading apps. The system is relatively simple to use. If anyone wants to try trading like this, I suggest to try using the FBS app.

  8. I think education on the FBS website is enough to make a profit. News is constantly updated. I almost didn’t have to look for other information. But sometimes it depends on your “Mindset”. Try opening it first and you will know why.

  9. There’s a lot of good promotions going on FBS recently, they’ve become a partner with FC Barcelona, and they’re preparing for their 11th anniversary… Countless prizes await! Although it’s not easy to win a big prize but t
    hey certainly know how to keep clients excited:D

  10. During this time I was enough comfortable being an IB of FBS. This broker that I see always provides various IB programs which are enough interesting and profitable. And I like the IB match contest from FBS, I hope that by joining this contest, I can win and can watch FC Barcelona, my favorite team

  11. I like FBS because they have a partnership with my favorite football team, FC Barcelona!!
    It’s a good sign that FBS’s business is going well and we can trust their reliability.

  12. FBS Customer service very help full for me. Available 24/7 with multi language, I always use it for discuss about FBS service to make me more clear all service and my activities will be free and will not worry for miss understanding.

  13. I like how they handle things, their team is very dedicated with news and contests they are always bringing something new and improving their platform. About the trading I believe is fair enough, they have many instruments and their loyalty system can turn very profitable if done right

  14. FBS handles very good promotions. The last promotion that I participated was # FBS2020 and luckily I was one of the winners I’m currently participating in the Barca Striker promo which is a pretty fun game and you can win an autographed Barca shirt

  15. I’m a newbie in Forex, but with some experience in sales and marketing. I’m considering being an Intermediate Broker at FBS, thus I can start a small bizz with minimum risk. The major investiment is my reputation. Just thinking for now, but it seems to be good: comissions, rewards and even some prizes for milestones. Let’s see 🙂

  16. FBS provides many interesting educational materials. That would be very helpful for new users who joined Forex market. Also, those materials are updated frequently, which is easy to learn

  17. I always try to enter the Forex market and learn and often the attempt is unsuccessful 🙂 So when I started to copytrade it was easier, of course, I am still trying to learn to trade on my own and with copytrade and monitoring the work of professional traders.
    As for copying deals with FBS it was a successful and distinctive experience there are many options that you can make, I recommend it

  18. I’m a beginner with Forex trading. Just learning and FBS has been useful with some promotions target to beginners like me. I’m trying the US$100.00 bônus and, altough very hard to meet the goals, I can learn with some operational margin without investing my own money. If I have a loss it is only of time, not money. And this is good for me, for now.

  19. when I was searching for a broker years ago I found an offer 50$ bonus and I tried them they were really good, and for me and from my experience I trust them a lot.
    Also now they have a partnership with Barcelona I’m really excited to win a ticket for one of their plays as they are my favorite football club. hopefully I’ll achieve that dream after corona virus is over.

  20. With Mobile Personal Area app my essential trading information is always by one click. That’s really confortable and make me gain valuable minutes to make better trading strategies. It’s a all in one App. I need no more.

  21. Scammer, please dont deal with them

  22. Thanks FBS last week i open account FBS and i want to deposit,i suprise because i can see at deposit i have many payment system i can select to doing withdrawal and deposit so its make more easier to me to trade in FBS

  23. Trade to help is a good charity promotion. It’s trade for profit and can help people, and the 300% bonus condition is excellent.

  24. I went to look at Facebook page of FBS. There are promotions that make dreams come true. See and join the fun, in case we get an iPhone 11, some people have seen the computer give out many times and have clips as well. He shouldn’t be deceiving. Try to play together. This activity is very good, not many competitors.

  25. I have long been joining fbs. This broker is very comfortable and always consistent in running the program. With the cashback I can get more income when trading. That will make me passionate and consistent for trading with them

  26. FBS has become the partner of Barca, which was a huge excitement for me. Also it proves their reliability. They are holding a lot of promo now, you gotta try it especially you’re a fan of Barca:P

  27. FBS offers one of the highest leverage, 1:3000! This allows me to place big trades with a small budget. I usually trade with lower leverage, and when I want big positions, I use the leverage.

  28. I like Support team FBS specially for their support in live chat 24/7, provided with local language so discussion more easy to understand each others and also easy to say what is our question. Even you can discuss with live chat support in holidays.

  29. Since I’m a partial time forex trader (just for fun), I’m used to not put a lot of money in my accounts. Instead, I risk the minimal. So, FBS bonus that double my deposit is very convenient for me. I mantain mininal risk with some margin. Of course, there is drawbacks, but hey? Nobody is talking about free lunch, right? 🙂

  30. The FBS 100 Bonus really is a challenge because it has quite extensive conditions to meet it. It is not so much doubling your capital but keeping you operating for 30 days. This without thinking turned in my favor because I created a habit and discipline to operate that is the basis of the character of a trader

  31. In the current coronavirus pandemic, I prefer trading in Phama stocks. I see on FBS, this stock is very popular where many Phama companies are competing to make vaccines for coronavirus. I see the chart is quite promising. For trading I use mt5 because the performance is very fast. So that it can provide quick profit for me.

  32. It’s interesting the prizes of the new FBS League contest that between $ 50 and $ 450 you can get by being among the top 5 traders when operating a Demo account. It’s a opportunity to practice and earn money if you do it well.

  33. I once attended a webinar from FBS and it was very fun. The material taught by the speaker is very easy to understand well. For that, for those who want to learn trading online, you can try to register to follow the webinar from FBS. This is free.

  34. Get 100BONus FREE For trade If you can finish every condition You can withdraw money in real life Try free on I try this before But I can’t get it Lol but I think some one can It not hard

  35. 100% deposit bonus promotions It helps me invest more and I want to continue to have great promotions like this.

  36. I love Quick Start bonus on FBS Copy Trade app. It is very easy to earn money without any investments. Recommended!

  37. I really like FBS with the Bonus promotion, Their bonus never end. 100% Deposit Bonus still active till now for who want double his/her deposit and double profit too for me. And also there is available more bonus even without deposit. I have grab all of them and use 100% Deposit Bonus many times.

  38. I like their quick deposit and withdrawal. I had a bad funding experience in another Forex broker. FBS’s withdrawal speed is very fast, they always answer my questions about funding.So, I am very happy about this company.

  39. As a beginner forex trader, what I most like at FBS is the possibility of copying seasoned traders with their CopyTrader app. So I can learn and make some profit with almost zero risk. It is good for me.

  40. With the pro trader feature which is very helpful in getting the best signals directly from trusted traders so that the opportunity to get bigger profits

  41. This broker is keep surprising me with its apps and promotions, FBS Trading is my saving hero in the emergeny cases, i depend on it when moving, and it is relly very useful, i strongly recommend it .

  42. I started forex journey with FBS League programme. I always recommended FBS because I am not facing any problem and I get a good Bonus. thanks FBS

  43. I used to think that Fx trading was difficult because I didn’t understand the trading system. but now it’s easy for me Thanks to the local support team for giving me some tips how to use them.

  44. I think Telegram Chanel of FBS So good because it up date every day and pin the important new alert all time make easy to take order and get profit I like it!!

  45. I am new to trading. I am trading on FBS cent account which is my great experience. Where I can start with 1$ and FBS is giving high leverage.

  46. I am interested in opening an account at FBS because the trading conditions are in accordance with my trading strategy. And I am very happy to take advantage of its 100% deposit bonus because it really helps me to increase my opportunities in forex. I hope this promo will always exist, because it really helped me to increase my capital.

  47. FBSCopyTrade App is a genius app, when you don’t have time to follow the market changes, just copy what the professionals do through copytrade, saves you a lot of time and makes a better profit.

  48. Hi guys, want share my opinion about FBS.
    I thought FBS is really best broker with their bonus and promotion, as specially with their New Demo Contest – FBS League. You can earn money with this contest every 2 weeks.
    This is great opportunities for me without investment, just win the contest. Good luck every one.

  49. For me personally. FBS is promising, all problems can be resolved quickly, with an easy deposit without requiring a long time. I am happy to joining the broker FBS

  50. I quite love this broker with program FBS webniar every week with interesting lessons and topics. This is really useful for me to learn more about this market

  51. one day I have a withdrawal problem on fbs, I contacted live chat support immediately to find out what my account problem is, thank you fbs for providing a quick solution to help me withdraw my money.

  52. I think the possibility of being a PRO Investor is fantastic. In that category you have the unique opportunity to copy the most trained and trusted PRO traders selected by the FBS CopyTrade team. These selected traders are true professionals and most trusted to follow.

  53. I love FBS because of its Quick Start bonus. For a novice like me, it’s not easy to get started with FOREX. You know it’s quite risky. But, with Quick Start bonus from FBS, I was able to learn how to trade FOREX step by step without any risk. Great opportunity for novices. Highly recommend!!

  54. With the telegram channel at FBS it can facilitate trading because it can exchange information among other traders. who must be very happy with where you have joined the FBS broker without any problems in trading

  55. This broker offers Intersting contests, one of the most intersting is FBS League, which is a contest on demo accounts, you can participate as a team or as asingle player -which i prefer- no need to deposite you can earn both experince and cash with Zero risks!

  56. Hi I ever join webinars with FBS I think it make me have idea for trade and i guess to join every webinar because it good for me and for every one thank

  57. Hi I ever join webinars with FBS I think it make me have idea for trade and i guess to join every webinar

  58. Fbs telegram channel is a great way to provide information about fx. And I can get news quickly from the telegram channel.

  59. Dream come true from fbs, very helpful. Our dreams can be realized by fbs. I follow dream come true but never got it. Maybe, many have better dreams than me and I am sure a broker as big as FBS, will follow a lot. I hope the winner can be added every month.

  60. I like that FBS gives the opportunity to beginners to get familiar with everything efficiently.
    This “QuickStart” bonus is very easy to use and it’s a great tool to upgrade trading skills.

  61. Berinvestasi pada trader berpengalaman dengan FBS CopyTrade akan memberikan hasil yang memuaskan apalagi saat ini FBS sudah menandai trader yang professional dengan status “PRO” akan sangat membantu investor menemukan trader yang baik untuk diikuti. Anda juga bisa berinvestasi dengan beberapa trader sehingga peluang mendapat keuntungan akan semakin meningkat.

  62. IMHO, FBS is a nice broker. I’m used to recommend them for newbies, because I think newbies can learn a lot with their small accs, educational material and promos.

    Their support 24/7 is great here, in Brazil: no problems to date.

    I’m not a professional trader, almost a newbie too, but I’m learning with them and it is ok for me.

  63. FBS is one of the best brokers I’v ever worked with
    there is a lot of good bounces and promos also, you can try FBS in one of them
    I highly recommend Level up bonus as it is available now
    it will teach you about trading with free 70$ and if you want you can make it 140$ for free also.
    you can withdraw your profit when you meet the conditions in a very simple way.
    I mean anyone can try it without losing a thing, actually you will gain some money

  64. I’m trading with FBS from Brazil and here Forex is not regulated. It is not forbidden, but we have no fx brokers here.

    So, educational material is paramount for any Brazilian fx trader and FBS shines in this matter. Their guides, videos and, overall, their webinars are focused and useful.

    One year later I went from zero to… well a happy trader 😉

  65. I like the FBS League event of FBS. It not require deposit, it is a competition in demo account that winners can earn real money into real account. This is quite fun to me

  66. Woww..with fbs i can get back money from my trade just use the cashback option.I trade with fbs and i get profit with my order and the same time i get extra money with cashback options.thanks FBS

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