Last Update : October 31, 2020


Regulated By :

Headquarters : Hong Kong

Min Despsit : 250 USD

HQBroker Overview

Company Information

Broker Details Info
Headquarters Hong Kong
Foundation Year 2017
Publicly Traded
Employees 200

Withdrawal Options

Cash-U, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Neteller, PayPal, QIWI, Skrill, Webmoney, Western Union, Wire Transfer

Deposit Option

Cash-U, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Neteller, PayPal, QIWI, Skrill, Webmoney, Western Union, Wire Transfer

Trading Account Options

Type Info
Min. Deposit 250 USD
Max. Leverage 1:400
Mini Account
Demo Account
Pro Account
Swap Free
Managed Account

Contact Information

Phone: 850-5808-4980
Email: [email protected]

HQBroker Trading Features

Suitable For

Trader Level Yes/No
Day Trading
Weekly Trading
Swing Trading

Customer Support

Support Yes/No
24 Hours

Customer Support Languages

English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Trading Services

Service Info
Supported Trading MT4
Fixed Spreads
Educational Service
Trading Signals
Email Alert
Stop Loss
Limit Orders
Guaranteed Fills
OCO Orders
Trailing SP/TP
Automated Trading
API Trading
VPS Services

Supported Instruments

Type Yes/No

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  1. I’m having an excellent experience with HQbroker so far regarding my daily earnings. Their brokers are very dedicated to their clients. Their leverage was extremely convenient and spreads are among the lowest of brokers I’ve tried. Their signals were spot on. And to make sure I take advantage of my trades, they would email me, which was very convenient for me because I don’t stay in front of the computer too long.

  2. For about 3 months, I had been trading with this broker. Everything was going well and I was even able to withdraw my profits twice. But just last Feb 22, I encountered an error while placing a trade. Funds got deducted but the trade itself didn’t go through. I was able to secure screenshots and proof of it, which I sent to their support. Fortunately, they were prompt to fix the issue and I was funded back the discrepancy. Really impressed with their reliable customer support and their very tight spreads, which is a big plus. Slippage isn’t much of a problem because the trade execution is quite fast. Still planning to stay with this broker and probably expand my assets to other markets as well.

  3. I am very satisfied with full support and security

  4. Estou com uma maravilhosa experiência com a HQBROKER , sempre tive vontade de entrar no mercado trade e conquistar meus objetivos financeiros perto das pessoas que amo , ou seja meus filhos e família , através de todo suporte que a HQBROKER vem me fornecendo me sinto seguro a mais de 2 anos com essa incrível corretora de valores . Recomendo para você que se ver em uma situação complicada de entrar no mercado devido a falta de suporte experimentar os serviços de excelência que ela vem disponibilizando.

  5. Already recommended this broker with my friends who want to trade forex. Their conditions and spreads are competitive and they have various account types which is good for newbies. But what I really consider best here is their customer support service. Quick to response and very professional. Broker is excellent for beginners and experienced traders alike.

  6. HQbroker offers a lot of features and trading instruments. This is my first broker in which I finally learned how to earn good money. Started with a demo account for 4 months and moved on to a live one. It helped me make profits and I’m totally satisfied. I enjoy trading here with their quick execution and its very convenient for me, especially for fast withdrawals.. Will soon upgrade my account.

  7. The support of this broker is amazing and commendable,I mean they are very helpful in guiding my trading experience tahts why I feel excited whenever I trade with them. They have excellent customer service and fast withdrawal what more can I ask. Im grateful trading with this broker!!

  8. I have been told by a friend of mine who recently receive a call from HQ Broker to never answer the call if someone was calling me using a private or unknown number, not knowing that I am already trading with HQ Broker. I asked him as to why should I be bothered with them (still not telling him that I am trading) and he told me that they’re a scam broker with scam trading sites conducting stock fraud, foreign currency scam / foreign exchange scam. He said that they’re included on the scammer list, scam broker list, scam trading sites and platform trading scams. And to what was the specific reason, he told me that all of the forex broker “trades” was gibberish. My friend and I had been a partner with one account in another forex broker and we lost. He was so optimistic when we were starting but he always complains with the small profit that our broker was making. Until one day, he decided to trade by himself, he makes huge profit which prompted him to trade more, then after a while, he lost all our capital balance. He said it doesn’t matter since all forex brokers are the same, putting blames with their system and accusing everyone of improper behavior, and that they are platform trading scams, stock fraud, foreign currency scam / foreign exchange scam, scam broker, scam trading sites. After our experience with trading, he always warns everyone that all forex brokers were scam trading sites from scammer list / scam brokers list. I identify my friend’s behavior as the behavior of most of those who were so vocal with their trades. They were so emotionally attached to their trades that whenever they are winning, they want more, and if they lose, they’ll trade more to cover the losses. After, they’ll write negative reviews as to why the broker was a scam broker or scam trading sites. I agree with traders who says that trading was boring. I guess it really was. If their goal was 20% in a month and they achieve it, they stop and goes back in the next month. In this case, I see that they are not attached in their trades and that they have limits to what they want which prevents them from trading using their emotions. My only problem with our former broker was the lack vision for my account. It was important for me to know his plan or my account as that will be the basis in how we will be trading and to what we will be trading. Right now, HQ Broker was the one to provide the best approach when it comes to this. I love how my broker interacts with me in planning the future of my account to which we are both committed. The profits were consistent, which I think is better compared to a volatile one.

    Never Never believe in this HQ BRoker ! they are SCAM , if you believe in 40% return a week than you are fall into SCAM !!!!!!

  10. Scam company. Glad I was able to get my funds back. If you wish to recover your funds, reach out to callumskei80 ªt gmail, com

  11. Do not take any Bonus offer from your broker or your manager, do not allow your broker manager trade on your behalf. That is how they manipulate traders funds. If you need assistance with retrieving your lost fund from your broker or Your account has been manipulated by your broker manager or maybe you are having challenges with withdrawals due to your account been manipulated. Kindly get in touch with me on [email protected] and I will guide you on simple and effective steps to take in recovering your entire fund.

  12. Hey there! i am currently engaging with this platform and its trading features and tips are absolutely helpful. this platform holds some webinars that keep us updated with the forex market. you can also have access with their technical and fundamental reviews. these could be used as accurate guides when trading forex. the best part is, their trading terms are relevant and suitable with my scalping technique

  13. They do give bad tips they then hedge badly a their goes your money and they continually want you to add money. Which will make you loose your money
    They even advise on trades that are already closed but you only find once you are in the trade and can’t close it.
    Bad bad bad traders cons

  14. I lost about $41,000 to hq broker and i suffered for months because this was a big sum for me.Luckily I was able to get all the money lost back after I stumbled upon a company online.When the police , my credit card company , my bank and lawyer failed.if you need help with refund from such ecvil companies , reach me on petpark321(AT)gmail dot com and I would point you in the right direction.Do not give up as refund is possible.

  15. I did lost about 45.8k to CFD stock broker, there’re certain mistakes we all wish we have the power to prevent. Unfortunately, I joind the queue of CFD brokerage company, I was approach through a call by one of their broker, I was convinced they were genuine invested a lot of money with them. To cut the long story short, I was able to retrieve all the lost capital to CFD stock with guidance of an oriented financial management. You can get in contact with me on chappelwhale @ gmail com and I will gladly guide you through the effective process you need to retrieve your entire money to your bank account or credit cards.

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