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Regulated By : IFSC
Headquarters : United Kingdom
Min Despsit : 500 USD
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Regulated By
United Kingdom
Foundation Year
Publicly Traded
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Min. Deposit
500 USD
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Mini Account
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Contact Information
Phone: +44 203 695 8926
Deposit Option
Cash-U, Credit Card, QIWI, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Yandex.Money
Withdrawal Options
Cash-U, Credit Card, QIWI, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Yandex.Money
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Day Trading
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Swing Trading
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Fixed Spreads
Educational Service
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Trailing SP/TP
Automated Trading
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Has VPS Services
Customer Support
24 Hours
Customer Support Languages
Arabic, English, Spanish
Supported Instruments


  1. Umarkets provides helpful training. The platform features many automated analysis tools making trading convenient. They offer a personal expert, a unique service that is also very helpful. They are also very responsive to questions and the withdrawal process is also fairly fast.

  2. I’m new in trading and I often make mistakes. No one really stopped me from setting up stop loss and take profit for long-term deals. It’s very easy on umarkets, where I trade. Although I thought I knew everything and then I got so dissappointed. This broker gives you options of deposit insurances. I might try using it, but first I’ll clarify the conditions. Of course, it’s better to learn from somebody else’s mistakes, but you get a better lesson from your own.

  3. I’ve been trading on Umarkets for a long time and I can say that this is a nice broker. There are enough assets for trading, spreads doesn’t bother you, and orders are processed well. There’re interesting bonuses for those who wish. You can trade for 2 weeks on a demo account and add profit to the real one. I just didn’t understand how much you need to deposit for it.

  4. When asked to share impressions about the broker, I don’t know what to say. There’s only one criterion for a broker in my opinion, and it’s whether it is honest or a scammer. My Umarkets broker is honest. I had no reason to doubt it. Trading terms are good, and spreads satisfy me. I would have reduced the minimum deposit (now it’s $500), but the broker knows best.

  5. I’ve traded successfully on Umarkets with ethereum when it suddenly rose from 416 to 485. It’s good thing that I didn’t panic, but waited. I remember that ethereum rose to more than a thousand last year and scold myself that I missed so many chances. Umarkets has nothing to do with this, of course. This is a fine broker that I trust. And I have every reason for it. The broker has not been guilty of anything yet. I’m waiting for it to add more crypts some time, that’s only 15 currencies we’re talking about.

  6. I believe that when you have even slightest doubts about a broker, it’s better to change it immediately so that no to kick yourself later. You know, some traders think that only other brokers can go bankrupt and don’t pay attention to alarming signs such as changing of the trading terms, funds withdrawal delays, strange orders closure, etc. I’d like to point out right away that I trade well on Umarkets and haven’t noticed anything like that and I’m not planning to leave it. I’m visa verse growing my deposit. I hope the broker will lower crypt spreads eventually. They’re quite high…

  7. I had a hard time trading. I was ripped off by a bogus broker recently it as difficult to get a withdrawal after many failed attempts. I had to hire a recovery solution firm to get my funds back. mayabanin01atgmaildotcom

  8. I can’t see any reason not to recommend Umarkets to the professional traders. I don’t think that a high entrance threshold could scare professionals. Trading conditions here aren’t worse than anywhere else. The spreads are small and there ECN-accounts. Orders are executed almost without delays and the execution time doesn’t depend on the value of the lot. The list of services and assets constantly grows. I think this broker has great prospects!

  9. I trade on umarkets and in my opinion it’s a good broker. I don’t want to lavish compliments, but I’ll just say there aren’t any problems with either order execution, or money withdrawals, and I hope there won’t be any. I don’t understand why trading with robots is prohibited. Robots is just a slightly modernised trading strategy

  10. I am currently trading with Umarkets. I liked that this broker had a Personal Expert service. I’m new to trading so I knew that I needed the training. Plus, the expert helped me to develop my trading strategy. I have lost some trades but we analyzed it and I learned how to minimize my losses. So far, I am enjoying trading here and I am satisfied with the service.

  11. I have been trading on Umarkets for a long time and have already got used to this broker. You would agree that it’s difficult to get used to bad things, especially when the choice is very large, wouldn’t you? And you get used to good things very quickly. Umarkets does everything as stated in the agreement. Trading terms are detailed and fulfilled. There are interesting bonuses, which I, however, haven’t yet used, but I am going to.

  12. An ideal broker. I really like this broker, as there is my favorite cryptocurrency market here with low spreads, and there is an opportunity to trade pips. I mainly trade according to the scalping strategy or on the news, and both methods are very profitable. You can make quite a lot of money at once trading merely on the news, but scalping can also be as profitable, but in a different period of time.

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