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3D No Deposit Promotion – AmegaFX


3D BONUS No Deposit bonus from AmegaFX – Apply for the bonus and Trade Forex without any fear and emotion. The trading capital comes from the Broker where no risk involves for the traders to try out the live trading. Get the initial bonus money of $13 and invites each of your friends to get USD 7 up to USD 55. *AmegaFX doesn’t accept traders from Europe and some other regions.

amegafx no deposit promotion


Joining Link: NON-Deposit

Ending Date: December 31, 2018

Offer is Applicable: New Trader

How to Apply:

  • Open a real Premium MT5 trading account in USD
  • Subscribe to one of AMEGA official social media pages: FB, TW, G+
  • Sign up at the FinGate trading platform
  • Request the bonus using the format mentioned in their webpage.


  • Profits + Bonus – Need to trade 1 lot for 1 USD BONUS

Terms & Conditions – AMEGA NO DEPOSIT BONUS

The Bonus is only available for the new clients

The Bonus will be canceled after first withdrawal.


  1. Free Exploitation Need to trade 1 lot for 1 USD hhhhhh

    Free Exploitation This is a very stupid offer for your company to exploit new traders for free advertising in Facebook, Twitter and others

    • You need to read carefully, from their site not 3rd party side. I already get this and already started to trade. Im trying to withdraw 10 usd from them. They said if u want to wd the bonus, not the profit you make with 1 lot. I tradr for 1 hour and got 10 usd profit and they already accept my withdrawal. Ill just waiting it coz it to my bank, maybe little late. Keep reading if u wanna make money and stop complaining

  2. AMEGA is a no limit forex broker i suggest a new trader please join AMEGAfx, and one more that must be know AMEGAfx is the best broker in fast withdrawl and deposit
    my transitory number is 69702597
    my trading account number is 1000015272

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