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Special Christmas Forex Bonus 2015 ~ FORTFS


Fort Financial Services Ltd. is very happy to congratulate and offer you with coming Christmas and to announce the start of the unique Forex Bonus promotion!

Special Christmas Forex Bonus 2015 ~ FORTFS

Joining Link: Available NO-Deposit-Bonus

Ending Date: Promotion Ended

forex bonus 2015 fortfsOffer is Applicable: Both new and Existing traders

How to Apply: Minimum 50 USD Required in an account, Rewarded for every closed  10-th lot.

Bonus Cash Out: All Bonus is available as Cash.

Terms & Conditions – FORTFS

The maximum Forex bonus 2015 for one account is limited to $500. By default, all client accounts automatically take part in the campaign excluding the “FLEX NEWBIE” and PRO accounts

Only lots traded on Forex and spot metals are taken into consideration for bonus calculation

Lots are calculated separately for every trader’s account.

In case the balance of the account is going lower than 50 USD, the account is excluded from this bonus action. In case the balance of this account will become again sufficient to take part in a promotion, the calculation of lots will start from the beginning and previous lots traded will not be accounted.

Forex Bonus 2015 Details:-

The bonus is calculated as following rules:

Standard accounts  (U.S. dollars or equivalent)                            Cent accounts  (U.S. cents or equivalent)

Account balance    –     Bonus for every ten closed lots        –  –          Account balance          –   Bonus for every ten closed lots

From 50 to 250                        2                                                                                  From  5000 to 25000                 2

From 250 to 500                     5                                                                                   From  25000 to50000               5

From  500 to 750                     7                                                                                  From  50000 to75000                7

From 750 to 1000                   10                                                                                 From  75000 to100000             10

From 1000 to 1500                 12                                                                                 From 100000 to150000            12

Over  1500                                 15                                                                                Over  150000                                 15




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