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Headquarters : Switzerland
Min Despsit : 3500 USD
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Min. Deposit
3500 USD
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Phone: +44 20 3318 6049
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Bitcoin, Wire Transfer
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Bitcoin, Wire Transfer
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  1. There are few good things if you are looking to invest with them.

    They have lowest fees on profit sharing as far as I know that ranges from 12% to 18%
    They have trading dashboard update all the time.
    There is no problem regarding withdraw of profits.
    Support is quite good and available during weekdays.
    If you can afford to get VIP package then you get 45 days Fees Free.

  2. If one wants to make money with short term plan, i think that their scalping trading strategy will be the best way to see some real time income. Scalping is one
    the best and fastest trading strategy to make quick money consistently with the help of experienced forex trading account managers at blue trading.

  3. What have shocked me about your trade management service is the fees which was based on performance and only a flat fee of 18% which is quiet low for the services you guys have provided. I am glad that I found your services in my early stage of trading with your experience I am feeling very positive vibes in coming days. The customer service is amazing and need a special appreciation. Thanks for standing out to my expectations.

  4. There are many fund managers in forex market and some of them are just acting to be good but they don’t know much about making consistent profit. So when it comes to Blue trading, I can see their good trading performance and that is what I needed to make some extra money while doing nothing. Yeah, I contacted their support and asked many questions before handing my funds to them and they respond me well enough to start with them.

  5. Blue trading firm has been existing for quite some time in the market and it is always best for the traders to test their initial capital money into the forex managed accounts with proven results. This will ease the burden and tension on the investors. We do not need worry much with the proven professional forex managers.

  6. The best part of the blue trading firm is that they offer wide range of instruments for selection. I am a huge fan of cyrptocurrencies. With the huge fluctuation in the cryptocurrencies and wide range of cryptocurrencies available it is very easy and apt for me to select the one that best suits my profile and select the best forex managers for some good investments.

  7. The way your fund management service handles my account is what I wanted and searched a lot to and I am so glad to found you people at the end. Your customer service is really great and I appreciate all the helps done so far. One main action I want to really give credit is for the withdrawals provided which are faster than any other services I used previously. Thanks a lot.

  8. With minimum investment being $3,000 and 18% performance fees, I find it reasonable enough to invest my money and also contribute towards the professional fee charged. The most important fact is that my money is growing steadily in the hands of the expert traders who knows best to deal with the everchanging market sentiments.

  9. Agree, all looks very dodgy.. all those comments look more like ads and not how genuine people would write it…

  10. This is a fraudulent company. They took all the money I invested in them and locked me out of my account. I have emailed them and called them and they refused to pick up my calls or get back to me. I had to reach out to taylorbrennan@consultant,com to help me get my money back from them. thank God I got all my money back.

  11. Most people have lost their hard earned money through this BINARY OPTIONS TRADINGS, yet they would go to meet FAKE HACKERS who are also scammers unknowingly to help them recover their money and they would end up losing more money in the process. Hack Ethics is a Trusted certified Ethical Recovery Expert and Reliable Hacker who renders any desired hacking services you want/need. CONTACT EMAIL OR SKYPE – HACKETHICS008 @ GMAIL . COM

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