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$50 NO-Deposit required Forex Bonus – UFX


$50 NO-Deposit required Forex Bonus is the easiest way to start live Forex trading risk-free to trade your favorite currency pairs, Stocks, and commodities. Get registered and start experiencing live trading without any deposit fund. Meanwhile, it is required to verify through the mobile code in order to get this NO Deposit Forex bonus by UFX. Follow the mobile verification procedure via SMS while registering an account.

UFX NO-Deposit required Forex Bonus$50 NO-Deposit required Forex Bonus

Joining Link: Free no-deposit

Joining Link: Find the Secret

Ending Date: December 31, 2017

Offer is Applicable: Both new and existing clients.

How to Apply:

  • Make an account
  • Apply for the Bonus

Bonus Cash Out:  Unknown

More Details – $50 NO-Deposit required Forex Bonus

Please ask their support about bonus and profit withdrawal.

This bonus is available one per client.

Find all the details about this bonus offer through above joining link.


  1. waste of time for freeloaders

    1. After the Client has verified his phone number and received the USD 50 verification bonus, he has a period of 7 days in which to make a deposit and open at least one position.
    2. If the Client fails to deposit but has traded with the bonus amount and has open positions, then on the 8th day all open positions will be closed and the account balance (including bonus and profits) will be set to zero.

  2. What is free about it when you demand for deposits within 7 days. Brokers should stop making useless promises on the internet, you will just irritate traders to your own detriment by such promotions.

  3. Can’t all these brokers learn fron XM. If you can’t offer real no-deposite bonus maintain your respect and keep quite about that side.

  4. Leverage is 1:20 and only possible to change, when you make a deposit of $450. So it takes some time to generate profit wiith the bonus, because of the low leverage.
    Apart from this, the broker makes a good impression.

  5. XM is bad scam broker, all id copy and utilities bill name and address is the same, but they customer support still rejected my withdrawal usd10 is 2 week already havent resolved yet. XM is the damn ashole broker. Please go to other broker which more reliable.

  6. unseen since 2003. For those focused on commodities trading through reputable online brokers like UFX, sudden and significant falls in crude oil prices represent excellent opportunities to take up

  7. Gold is considered a safe-haven asset by many investors and brokers. The commodity is highly sought-after during times of economic uncertainty and high market

  8. Recovered my money from a scam broker recently with the help of a refund professional. Its sad that traders all over the world keep loosing their hard earned money to bogus broker. If one shuts down another one gets back up.

  9. 8B Promotions and Incentives

    8.8 Open trades of Clients who have not logged in for more than 1 week and/or never deposited any own funds will be closed automatically each weekend and the funds will be debited from their account. The Company accepts no liability or responsibility for the financial outcome resulting from the automatic closing of such open positions.

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