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$50 NO DEPOSIT BONUS, withdraw profits (new) – FBS


FBS offers $50 NO DEPOSIT BONUS for Free – Start Forex trading with the easiest way without any depositing. Withdraw profits with the simplest conditions with the leverage of 1:500. Earn up to $500 traded with the Bonus-Credit without taking a risk. Register now and verify your personal details to enjoy live Forex trading with Free Money.

fbs no deposit bonus free

Joining Link: Bonus-Credit

Offer is Applicable: New Trader

How to Apply:

  • register an account using the above link
  • Verify your profile.
  • Receive $50 BONUS CREDIT


  • Profits – Need to trade 2 standard lots, Withdraw $25 – $500 USD
  • Bonus – The initial $50 Bonus can’t be withdrawn


The Bonus is only available for the new clients

The Bonus will be canceled after first withdrawal.

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  1. bed 0.10 lots and if you order buy stop and hit so 7 pip increase your buy exmple i buy stop 1.3200 and price 1.3200 your oder not 13200 rather 1.3206 or 7 if you sell stop hit same

  2. One more broker misusing crypto already saw marking on quotes in crypto currencies by nordfx. Now this fbs broker too here the issue is commission for dash, litecoin and ethereum commission is 15usd meaning almost 10% of the crypto value for dash and 15 and 20 percent for ethereum and litecoin value.

    Say dash is around 420 and if u take a of one lot position each pip value will be 1 dollar and commission is 15 usd now to just cover the commission it self the crypto has to move more than 10% this is apart from standard spread offered by other broker commission free. bitcoin can cover that coz its movement is huge daily so apart from 40 to 80 spread avg in bitcoin additional 15 commission this bring the total to 100 appox in spread and commission in bitcoin. So here each trade 100 pips is fixed for brokers in bitcoin. My god this is total looting people.

    Who takes this issue seriously as crypto is already creating buzz in market and this brokers intention to use that craze for crypto and getting bad impression to crypto.

    Dont know weather crypto is next gen currency or not but brokers like this will definately give wrong note to crypto and this has to be checked and permitted by regulations

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