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$100 Welcome No Deposit Bonus – ForexChief


Welcome Bonus is a 100 USD bonus offered by ForexChief. It is perhaps the most convenient way to check the company’s services and test the trading strategy chosen. The no deposit bonus is credited automatically and does not require any documents for personal data verification. All trading techniques and strategies are allowed.

forexchief free no deposit bonus

Welcome No Deposit Bonus Credit

Joining Link: $100 promo

Ending Date: December 31, 2017

Offer is Applicable: New Trader

How to Apply:

  • Open a new account
  • Select the account number where the Welcome Bonus will be credited to
  • Scan your QR code using Welcome Bonus application.

Bonus Withdrawal:

  • Need to trade 50 Standard lot to withdraw profits
  • Maximum $100 USD profits can be withdrawn

Terms and conditions – Forexchief NO Deposit Bonus

EA and automated trades are allowed.

The detailed procedure you can find in the video guide.

For getting a Hundred USD Welcome Bonus, it is required to Open a Live Account. Then, install on your mobile device the Welcome Bonus application from App Store or Google Play. Please note that the application works only with mobile devices based on iOS or Android operating system.


      • actually its a turn-over not lots.. 50 lots = 5 milion turn over you can do it faster than u think every micro lot traded give abit more than 1k of turn over and they have spread almost 0 so u can scalp it i did when the promo was about 20$ and had no limit of withdraw..i have to agree that max 100$ really sux but if u have no cash u can get it and open an ECN account in another place like XM

  1. Good Forex broker! Fast order execution, low spread level. I managed to fulfill the conditions of the bonus. Money removed from account without any problems.

  2. Indeed, they let us trade on their money. The bonus was successfully withdrawn as a result, as soon as he made the necessary turn. Honestly, I did not expect this. Now I’m already trading for my money, sometimes in plus, sometimes in negative. I am still studying and studying, but there are all the tools, it is only necessary to study everything deeper.

  3. One of the most generous brokers for a no deposit bonus. It would seem that only $ 20 is allowed to trade. But the conditions here are such that I eventually managed to withdraw about $ 60 without making my own deposit. Now, I have a real account here, I’m trying to trade with larger amounts. It turns out, how not surprising. And the fact that there is a leverage of 1 to 400, duck is good. In general, it’s even less necessary to do it.

    • And I did not like the support service. Turned for the first time in a year, the situation arose, which had to be solved immediately, my nerves are dear to me. They did not answer for long, about an hour. Well, everything was decided afterwards, but I was overworking. Here it would be necessary to eliminate such delays. And everything else is fine, for good reason I’m trading here.

    • And you are paid agent of broker and we all know that…. LOL…. This stupid method not gonna work people are not foolish like you

  4. Specially decided to register with the company to get a bonus. There is nothing complicated to get it. But for some reason my phone did not work. I had to ask for another phone, a new one. Getting a bonus through QR code – I see it for the first time. I do not understand why they write that the broker is SCAM? There are many positive reviews in Google.

    • they write this for a few reasons…1 – noobs blowing free account after free account …2 – decoys from another brokers trying to devalue whatever brokers show in this kind of website.

  5. Read the reviews, and they are all different. While he did not register the account with the broker, he did not understand anything. I say 100% that the bonus is completely worked out by me. To get $ 100 really without making your own deposit. Brought money for one day. Before you scold the broker, you first start trading here.

  6. There are many offers with a bonus without a deposit among forex brokers. There are small bonuses, such as 10$, and there are big ones, like the ForesChif – 100$. I always believed that it is impossible to fulfill the conditions of the broker, since the bonus is large. I was wrong. To my surprise, I made the right trading turnover. Money was transferred to Neteller in three hours, as I applied.

  7. they won’t give you a shit, damn scammers, after i complete the condition they cancelled bonus, my friend did the same and they cancelled the bonus as well. stay a way from this shity broker. i swear they will cancel the bonus. I dare you to prove anything wrong with this two accounts, mine and my friend’s account 1032457 and 1033242.???

    • Yeah seriously a scam technic, and slavery programme, i prefer to use my own $100 to get $10 everyday and no need to trade until 0.3 Lot daily, and this shitty broker ask to trade 1000 lot, what a waste.
      Guys do not join broker like this.
      This definitely a scam programme, and if you want to be in a better broker, try XM. com, its better with spread and Margin. Or if you have a more money i suggest join IG.com a broker from Australia, it the best broker for lowest spread as i know and safe broker you can deposit your big money.

  8. u just need 45 lot … 100$ go fast up to trading .when balance 300$ . go play lot 0.5 in 2 open position . sell n buy .. fast close position … easy to complete 45 lot … i need 7 day to complete turnover 10.000.000 / or 45 lot . u say scam ? stupid dont play forex trading again

  9. I had to deal with bad brokers. Personally, I found a broker ForexChief for myself, and I consider him decent in relation to the trader. For almost a year I have been trading on their platform and for all the time there have been no big problems. This is a real ECN-broker, checked. In addition, the technical support service works well, as the answer to the question can be obtained in a few minutes.

  10. Worst support I’ve ever faced:

    Your Question:
    Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
    You are now chatting with Joshua Torres – General questions
    10:33Joshua Torres:
    Hi, how can I help you today?
    Hello, to receive no deposit bonus which account type leverage and currency should I select?
    10:36Joshua Torres:
    You can choose the leverage
    First, what account type?
    10:38Joshua Torres:
    Any standard account
    Acc currency?
    You there?
    Why taking so long for simple questions?
    10:42Joshua Torres:
    And also the leverage any, right?
    10:43Joshua Torres:
    10:44Joshua Torres:
    no restrictions
    I selected ACCOUNT TYPE: MT4. DirectFX and it opened cent-MT4. DirectFX
    10:46Joshua Torres:
    I said you need to choose any standard account
    10:46Joshua Torres:
    Not a cent account
    Yes I chose MT4.DirectFX but on next page i received password for cent-MT4.DirectFX
    10:47Joshua Torres:
    10:48Joshua Torres:
    It is not possible
    It is there
    10:48Joshua Torres:
    After account is opened, you got email with MT4 LOGIN and PASSWORD try to find this email (also please check SPAM)
    Yes also in email it says the cent acc.
    10:51Joshua Torres:
    At the moment, you have created only one cent account
    But I want MT4. DirectFX and No deposit bonus of $100 in it
    10:51Joshua Torres:
    Create a standard account to receive a bonus
    10:52Joshua Torres:
    Account Type MT4. DirectFX
    Why you didnt tell the first?
    I asked you what acc type should I select for no deposit bonus
    Terrific service
    Let it go away
    10:53Joshua Torres:
    I dont want to check spreads and acc.
    The support is pathetic
    10:54Joshua Torres:
    No need. I cant trust anymore and dont want to wate time
    Have a nice time ahead
    10:55Joshua Torres:
    Remove the account I just opened
    Delete all my personal information from your database
    Do not send me any promotional offer email or newsletters
    Got it?
    10:56Joshua Torres:
    12:24:28]Mit: Delete all my personal information from your database///Please create a ticket here

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