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Forex Welcome Bonus 35% – AAFX trading

Incredible Forex Welcome Bonus 35% on initial deposit – AAFX trading welcome all of their new clients with a 35% bonus on first deposit to the first live account. Deposit at least 500 USD/EUR to get the Tradable Bonus. Trade Forex & CFDs with the extended equity and get some additional tools to make your trading profitable. Open a Live account and deposit via Skrill, Neteller, Fastpay or credit card to trade with Tradable-Bonus.


35% Forex Welcome Deposit Bonus

Joining Link: Welcome-Bonus

Ending Date: December 31, 2019

Offer is Applicable: New clients.

How to Apply:

  • Register an account
  • Deposit at least 500 USD/EUR
  • Request for the bonus

Bonus Cash Out:

  • Bonus are tradable and can be used as equity
  • Met the trading conditions within 60 days to withdraw the bonus

More Details – AAFX trading Forex Deposit Bonus

Find all other required information from their bonus terms and conditions

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Min.Deposit: $5

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  1. I see quite often on the forums that people are writing about the bonus on the first deposit from Aafx Trading. Although other brokers also give the bonuses on the first deposit. Not all of them of course, yet still there is plenty of such offers. Except I’ve never met bonuses on EVERY deposit in any other company. Moreover, the follow-up bonuses are not smaller than the first one – you can get up to 30% from the sum if you are investing from 1000 dollars. In reality, you can build the whole strategy on this – making a deposit, fulfill the requirements of bonuses, withdraw the money, and make this all over again! And it will absolutely according to the regulations, I think, the company won’t be against it. In this case, we are getting additional income, even if we are breaking even or getting a small profit, thanks to the bonus we can always be in black.

    1. Yes, that is exactly what I think about AAFX trading. They provide us bonuses from 25-35% for each deposit, which is absolutely crazy. Before investing money with this broker, I had a basic strategy good money, but boring. But, after I deposited and got the bonus, I got a plan and target as well, which made trading fun. When the requirement of the bonus was fulfilled I was able to withdraw the bonus as well.

  2. I’m totally satisfied with Aafx – spreads are 0,6-1 pips for EUR/USD if you are not trading on volatility, also they have 35% for the first deposit – great conditions and there will be difficult to find better…

    1. That’s right, I monitor the market from time to time, but I didn’t find anything better so far. There are some brokers with the same conditions, some of them have better spreads, some offer bigger bonus, but there is none with the significantly batter conditions that AAFX offer – I didn’t know any broker like this and to switch just because of the small advantage I don’t see any sense. This broker is already familiar, and with the new one, there can be some pitfalls…

  3. Read the legal agreement before opening an account, I know it’s boring. But some strategies are not suitable if there is a limitation in Agreement. I checked all the clauses before deposit 500 bucks. I can say with the confidence, that the company fulfill the legal agreement. The 5 stars goes to the broker!

    1. This is the very right thing to do, to read the user agreement before starting the cooperation with the broker. I also carefully read it, it was important for me to understand whether I will be able to scalp with AAFX. Some brokers don’t like scalpers and write in the agreement that they don’t support them – it would be way too stupid to start the cooperation with such a company and then try to get your money back when you got blocked for the forbidden type of trading.
      Luckily, AAFX Trading allows scalping officially that is why I can slowly trade through this broker. I’m also absolutely happy with the cooperation and the quality of service, 5 stars)

    2. I agree with Nelse Vaaen, I could give 5 start to AAFX Trading any day. I have been trading with them for almost 4 years now and they have never failed. Even the customer services is responsive and helpful.

  4. I recommend AAfx. I’ve been trading with them for more than 2 years and didn’t have any problems all this time. There are always tight spreads on the ecn accounts. The fluctuations are slight and exist only regarding the news events or something like that. I’ve already fulfilled the first bonus requirements, withdrew and funded again, to get the second bonus (redeposit bonus). The money is accepted on the card within a day, a deposit is funded instantly. Generally speaking, trading is exactly like I need, I’m happy with it.

  5. I’m trading through the Aafx trading already for more than a year. Before starting the trading and depositing real money, I have carefully checked this company and read the agreement. On the internet I found many reviews about Aafx both positive and negative (actually as about any other broker, I was checking). So, I decided to refer to the facts.
    If you are not ready to deposit 20 000 dollars from the start and become VIP trader, you have two options – an account with the fixed spread and ecn account. For both minimal deposits are 100 dollars, and this is not that much especially for ecn. Finally, I decided to go with ecn, because spreads there are starting just from 0,6 pips. Later it appeared that it is almost always kept at this size, so it is quit tide.
    When I was reading the user’s agreement, I noticed that the company doesn’t prohibit scalping officially. I know that many brokers officially do not prohibit to trade with many small deals, but in reality, they pull the pin on as much as they can. And here I had to take a risk, even that the reviews proved that aafx has nothing against the scalpers. In result it was worth it – the whole year I was trading very actively, and I didn’t have any issue with the execution of the deals even once, and I’m even not talking that my account was never blocked.
    And finally, a bonus. When you are trading actively, you can fulfill the 35% bonus requirements maximum in half of the year (it took me about 4 months). After that, I had enough time to withdraw the money and make one more deposit. I also got a bonus, already 30% and I will also complete all the necessary requirement to get it shortly. To sum up, I wasn’t disappointed with Aafx, not at all. This broker totally satisfies me and I’m not planning to go anywhere from it.

    1. Agree with you. The commissions are not high, and guys know their job – the deals are going smoothly without technical issues and other stuff, which drives us, traders, crazy 😀
      And lately the choice of assets has grown – and this is also a big plus for broker!

  6. AAFX is a great broker, who is only on the development stage and that is why it offers different bonuses. For example, a bonus for the first deposit is 35% – and this is very profitable as for me. And generally speaking, the conditions they offer are pretty good. Besides, the broker is continuously adding something new, enlarging the list of assets. Recently they added shares. Now there is a really good choice for investing. It’s exactly like on a stock market, just with much better conditions, it is forex broker after all.

  7. Trading with AAfx over the past few years has provided me an interesting experience. I have always enjoyed scalping and not many brokers would provide you a good platform to scalp. But this company is different. Bet you, the spreads are low too especially during docile hours of the market. The low spreads enable scalpers like myself to quickly make money from trades. But it is not only scalpers that enjoy pecks. For day traders and swing traders, they will benefit from the zero-swap and zero-commision policies of the company too. At times, some currency pairs get to zero spread. As per the company’s customer service, I also rate them high. Having worked with a lot of brokers over the years, I can easily score performance for reliable customer service. What many brokers don’t understand is the significance of this department to their success. On this, AAfx has made communication and problem-solving with brokers a notch up high. This broker’s response to my complaints come in matters of seconds and the resolve at which they commit to fixing these issues is commendable.

  8. I joined aafx trading two months ago following the recommendation of my friend; he is trading here for a while. I’m a scalper, and he recommended this broker to me because the conditions for scalping are really nice here. I don’t know any other broker, which could offer convenient scalping options on ecn – but here you can, and it is really profitable. One important rule is not to trade at the moment of the coming out of some important news, if your strategy is not nailed for it, and spreads will be tight. And an additional bonus – shortly I will complete all the requirements of the welcome bonus, this is more than 1000$ from 3000$, which I placed as my first deposit. So this month seems to be very promising.

    1. Right, scalping with AAFX is really a pleasure. Tight spreads, fast platform…really, what’s not to like? Huh well – if the broker states that scalping is allowed on the platform, it’d be weird if traders would’ve been hampered in any way. :))
      In my case, it took me maximum 4 months to fulfill the bonus requirements with scalping. Recently I’ve received a bonus for the repeat deposit that I purposely made after the withdrawal… I really wonder how long it’ll take me this time:)

    2. Wow, I wasn’t even thinking that it will be so profitable to scalp on ECN-account. I’m trading for purpose on the account with the fixed spread – yeas, it’s not that beneficial, but instead, it’s more reliable. To be honest, it’s hard to believe, that ECN spreads don’t go wider than fixed…Maybe I will test ECN-account just because of curiosity;)

  9. As far as I know, AAFX Trading has got some very favorable ECN spreads. For example, 0.6 in EUR/USD is not even a minimal but medium value! I don’t think that any other broker can offer real spreads that are less than 1 pip, even though many of them claim that. Indeed, with moderate volatility in place, the spreads really almost don’t widen at all, remaining fixed on the value of about 0.6 pips. As a result, it is often the case that you open a deal (provided that the tendency is determined correctly), and bam – it’s already in the black! In case with other brokers however, you often have to wait for minutes until the spread value is balanced by the return. It might get pretty stressful while scalping, especially when you have just a couple of minutes per deal.
    And of course, scalping is a great way to fulfill your bonus requirements 🙂 Probably all the AAFX regulars are perfectly aware of this thing, though long-term traders cannot really use it to the fullest 😀 Though they’ve got swap-free accounts instead, so nothing to complain about 🙂 As for scalpers, they can make about 30% of additional income per several months, and that’s with the minimal swap involved. Considering that AAFX also performs smooth and quick withdrawals, I don’t see why this company still isn’t a market leader, contenting itself with the status of a sound average. Maybe some troubles with promotion, or anything… Anyway, personally I don’t know any other broker that would be more suitable for my trading than AAFX, so I’m totally satisfied. By the way, I’m also planning to check out their services of a stock market broker some day. They say, if you invest an amount big enough, you can enter in the stock exchanges from all over the world and invest in stock as much as you please.

    1. Yes, I also noticed that AAFX has tight spreads. I won’t confirm regarding the other brokers, I used to trade only with one before AAFX, but it had only fixed spreads, while for EURUSD that were whole 3 pips – more than AAFX offers on the accounts with the fixed spread. So the conditions here are really great, I didn’t see more beneficial so far.

  10. I was attracted by AAFX, because this company is sitting kind of in the middle of stock shares market and forex. I’m ok with forex, I don’t have any prejudice. Actually, for the speculating currency pairs are the same assets like shares. But if you are investing seriously, then shares are more preferable. You can both speculate the currencies with AAFX and invest the shares – for clients with large deposit broker provides access to any world exchange. I’m quite interested in this opportunity. So far I’m trading only currencies, but as time goes I’m planning to switch to investing in shares.

  11. I really like to analyze. I play games where you need to develop your civilization.
    I was 25 years old a year ago. My girlfriend decided to make me a present and open for me an AAFX account . I did not even know what Forex was at that time XD
    I started reading and studying reviews. I was very surprised by the fact that 98% of traders lose their money. I did not like these statistics, I did not want to be among the losers.
    I thanked my girlfriend, but I refused a real account. I decided that if I want to succeed, I must learn to trade on a demo account. I learned to trade for six months. After 6 months, I realized that I was ready to switch to a real account. I was able to see the trends of the market and I can say that I am not a loser.
    If you do not know what Forex is and do not understand why various indicators are needed, do not trade on Forex! Use a demo account. Do not forget that you can lose money in a minute of trading, and it will take a long time to return them. If you decide to make money here, then find out the rules of the game.

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