Last Update : July 18, 2024

Forex 35% Welcome Bonus- AAFX Trading

Incredible Forex Welcome Bonus 35% on initial deposit – AAFX trading welcomes all of their new clients with a 35% bonus on the first deposit to the first live account. Deposit at least 500 USD/EUR to get the Tradable Bonus. Trade Forex & CFDs with extended equity and get some additional tools to make your trading profitable. Open a Live account and deposit via Skrill, Neteller, Fastpay, or credit card to trade with Tradable-Bonus.


35% Forex Welcome Deposit Bonus

Joining Link: Welcome-Bonus

Ending Date: December 31, 2024

Offer is Applicable: New clients.

How to Apply:

  • Register an account
  • Deposit at least 500 USD/EUR
  • Request for the bonus

Bonus Cash Out:

  • Bonus are tradable and can be used as equity
  • Met the trading conditions within 60 days to withdraw the bonus

More Details – AAFX trading Forex Deposit Bonus

Find all other required information from their bonus terms and conditions

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Min.Deposit: 25 USD

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Min.Deposit: 5 USD

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Max.Leverage: 1:888

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Regulated: IFSA

Max.Leverage: 1:3000

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Max.Leverage: 1:1000

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  1. I see quite often on the forums that people are writing about the bonus on the first deposit from Aafx Trading. Although other brokers also give the bonuses on the first deposit. Not all of them of course, yet still there is plenty of such offers. Except I’ve never met bonuses on EVERY deposit in any other company. Moreover, the follow-up bonuses are not smaller than the first one – you can get up to 30% from the sum if you are investing from 1000 dollars. In reality, you can build the whole strategy on this – making a deposit, fulfill the requirements of bonuses, withdraw the money, and make this all over again! And it will absolutely according to the regulations, I think, the company won’t be against it. In this case, we are getting additional income, even if we are breaking even or getting a small profit, thanks to the bonus we can always be in black.

    1. Yes, that is exactly what I think about AAFX trading. They provide us bonuses from 25-35% for each deposit, which is absolutely crazy. Before investing money with this broker, I had a basic strategy good money, but boring. But, after I deposited and got the bonus, I got a plan and target as well, which made trading fun. When the requirement of the bonus was fulfilled I was able to withdraw the bonus as well.

      1. LOL, the same thing came up to my mind as well. However, there is a trick here. The condition on which the bonus gets released is reaching necessary level of turnover. This is quite a big volume, millions of dollars turnover. If you don’t really know how to trade, you won’t be able to reach this number without losing some part of your capital on the market. We need to calculate all the expenses (spread, possible slippage, etc) and understand more about risks we are taking before applying this “bonus” strategy on the market. The idea isn’t that silly, because AAFX provides fantastic leverage, but we need a trading strategy that is at least capable of generating near-zero profit to make it all work. I’d prefer it to be a trading robot.

        1. Robot sounds good 🙂 I actually do have some ideas how to achieve near-break-even results that would cover spreads at least. But I am no good at MQL and have no idea how to code an MT4 advisor. If anyone is interested in cooperation, please let me know. We will get this bonus withdrawn!

          1. Would be really interesting to find out whether it worked out well for you. However, you don’t need a trading robot to complete AAFX bonus requirements. Any daytrader with 10-20 trades a day and a depo over $1000 is capable to complete them. The required turnover really looks very big when you think of it as millions of dollars, but you do need to remember that it’s forex and your positions are all well-leveraged.

    2. I agree, such bonuses look truly cool. But it is also the main disadvantage of such system. I’ll try to explain what I mean. Such variety of bonuses from the company distracts you from trading, as you understand that there are a lot of opportunities to receive extra money. Then, you don’t want to miss such additional opportunity and forget about the main goal. But your main goal is to improve trading skills, not to take bonuses. As a result, many people, including me, spend a lot of time thinking about bonuses, and not about how to improve their strategy. So never let great bonuses policy distract you from trading.

  2. I’m totally satisfied with Aafx – spreads are 0,6-1 pips for EUR/USD if you are not trading on volatility, also they have 35% for the first deposit – great conditions and there will be difficult to find better…

    1. That’s right, I monitor the market from time to time, but I didn’t find anything better so far. There are some brokers with the same conditions, some of them have better spreads, some offer bigger bonus, but there is none with the significantly batter conditions that AAFX offer – I didn’t know any broker like this and to switch just because of the small advantage I don’t see any sense. This broker is already familiar, and with the new one, there can be some pitfalls…

      1. I agree with you, a friend and I were arguing the other day about other qualified brokers. But to be honest, I don’t have the strength or the desire to search again. Everything here is already checked and reliable, which is why I do not plan to change anything here. Besides, I’ve made a 29% return this month. It’s my personal record, so there’s no point in stopping.

  3. Read the legal agreement before opening an account, I know it’s boring. But some strategies are not suitable if there is a limitation in Agreement. I checked all the clauses before deposit 500 bucks. I can say with the confidence, that the company fulfill the legal agreement. The 5 stars goes to the broker!

    1. This is the very right thing to do, to read the user agreement before starting the cooperation with the broker. I also carefully read it, it was important for me to understand whether I will be able to scalp with AAFX. Some brokers don’t like scalpers and write in the agreement that they don’t support them – it would be way too stupid to start the cooperation with such a company and then try to get your money back when you got blocked for the forbidden type of trading.
      Luckily, AAFX Trading allows scalping officially that is why I can slowly trade through this broker. I’m also absolutely happy with the cooperation and the quality of service, 5 stars)

    2. I agree with Nelse Vaaen, I could give 5 start to AAFX Trading any day. I have been trading with them for almost 4 years now and they have never failed. Even the customer services is responsive and helpful.

      1. It’s cool that you can see a long-term perspective. I often hear from traders that they have been trading here for years and see no reason to change the company. This shows the comfort of clients and reliability, and it is more important and more significant than any advertising!

    3. I can confirm, no problems with scalping at AAFX. However, arbitrage strategies are forbidden for Expert Advisor execution. I don’t think that there are many traders still trying to compete with banks’ HFTs in arbitrage, but you never know )) So please consider this when opening an account. With the rest of the comments I completely agree, this is really difficult to find a brokerage with better conditions on spreads, leverage and assets available.

  4. I recommend AAfx. I’ve been trading with them for more than 2 years and didn’t have any problems all this time. There are always tight spreads on the ecn accounts. The fluctuations are slight and exist only regarding the news events or something like that. I’ve already fulfilled the first bonus requirements, withdrew and funded again, to get the second bonus (redeposit bonus). The money is accepted on the card within a day, a deposit is funded instantly. Generally speaking, trading is exactly like I need, I’m happy with it.

    1. It is true that there are not many companies like aafx that offer really good conditions for cooperation and therefore they should be appreciated. But there’s really everything that’s needed and I really like the fact that there’s a movable leverage here, no matter what strategy idea I want to implement – I’m doing it in practice.

    2. The most interesting thing is that most companies get worse over time, just using their established reputation. And in AAfx, on the contrary, constant development and improvement is noticeable. I like the fact that I started working with this very company. And the bonuses are really competently selected here, who needs huge amounts on working out?

  5. I’m trading through the Aafx trading already for more than a year. Before starting the trading and depositing real money, I have carefully checked this company and read the agreement. On the internet I found many reviews about Aafx both positive and negative (actually as about any other broker, I was checking). So, I decided to refer to the facts.
    If you are not ready to deposit 20 000 dollars from the start and become VIP trader, you have two options – an account with the fixed spread and ecn account. For both minimal deposits are 100 dollars, and this is not that much especially for ecn. Finally, I decided to go with ecn, because spreads there are starting just from 0,6 pips. Later it appeared that it is almost always kept at this size, so it is quit tide.
    When I was reading the user’s agreement, I noticed that the company doesn’t prohibit scalping officially. I know that many brokers officially do not prohibit to trade with many small deals, but in reality, they pull the pin on as much as they can. And here I had to take a risk, even that the reviews proved that aafx has nothing against the scalpers. In result it was worth it – the whole year I was trading very actively, and I didn’t have any issue with the execution of the deals even once, and I’m even not talking that my account was never blocked.
    And finally, a bonus. When you are trading actively, you can fulfill the 35% bonus requirements maximum in half of the year (it took me about 4 months). After that, I had enough time to withdraw the money and make one more deposit. I also got a bonus, already 30% and I will also complete all the necessary requirement to get it shortly. To sum up, I wasn’t disappointed with Aafx, not at all. This broker totally satisfies me and I’m not planning to go anywhere from it.

    1. Agree with you. The commissions are not high, and guys know their job – the deals are going smoothly without technical issues and other stuff, which drives us, traders, crazy 😀
      And lately the choice of assets has grown – and this is also a big plus for broker!

    2. Is it even profitable to take a bonus? And you can refuse it if you replenish it?

      1. Of course you don’t have to. But it’s beneficial if you don’t have to withdraw for a while. By doing the necessary trading, you can make that money your own. Plus the profit you get from using a bigger amount. Of course it’s profitable.

  6. AAFX is a great broker, who is only on the development stage and that is why it offers different bonuses. For example, a bonus for the first deposit is 35% – and this is very profitable as for me. And generally speaking, the conditions they offer are pretty good. Besides, the broker is continuously adding something new, enlarging the list of assets. Recently they added shares. Now there is a really good choice for investing. It’s exactly like on a stock market, just with much better conditions, it is forex broker after all.

    1. I trade with AAFX too. Was considering stocks for investing too. Did you find the applied commissions reasonable? How do you like it so far? I’m a bit worried about overnight commissions with stocks. FOREX is awesome for intraday trading with AAFX, have no doubts about it, but stocks… Would appreciate any help!

    2. Are there any re-deposit bonuses?

      1. Yes, you can take bonuses every time you deposit, very convenient in my opinion.

  7. Trading with AAfx over the past few years has provided me an interesting experience. I have always enjoyed scalping and not many brokers would provide you a good platform to scalp. But this company is different. Bet you, the spreads are low too especially during docile hours of the market. The low spreads enable scalpers like myself to quickly make money from trades. But it is not only scalpers that enjoy pecks. For day traders and swing traders, they will benefit from the zero-swap and zero-commision policies of the company too. At times, some currency pairs get to zero spread. As per the company’s customer service, I also rate them high. Having worked with a lot of brokers over the years, I can easily score performance for reliable customer service. What many brokers don’t understand is the significance of this department to their success. On this, AAfx has made communication and problem-solving with brokers a notch up high. This broker’s response to my complaints come in matters of seconds and the resolve at which they commit to fixing these issues is commendable.

    1. Yes, they really tried to prepare conditions that are optimal for both large and small capital. I think it’s a great step to increase the client base. And AAFx is also fast to withdraw money. That’s a huge plus.

  8. I joined aafx trading two months ago following the recommendation of my friend; he is trading here for a while. I’m a scalper, and he recommended this broker to me because the conditions for scalping are really nice here. I don’t know any other broker, which could offer convenient scalping options on ecn – but here you can, and it is really profitable. One important rule is not to trade at the moment of the coming out of some important news, if your strategy is not nailed for it, and spreads will be tight. And an additional bonus – shortly I will complete all the requirements of the welcome bonus, this is more than 1000$ from 3000$, which I placed as my first deposit. So this month seems to be very promising.

    1. Right, scalping with AAFX is really a pleasure. Tight spreads, fast platform…really, what’s not to like? Huh well – if the broker states that scalping is allowed on the platform, it’d be weird if traders would’ve been hampered in any way. :))
      In my case, it took me maximum 4 months to fulfill the bonus requirements with scalping. Recently I’ve received a bonus for the repeat deposit that I purposely made after the withdrawal… I really wonder how long it’ll take me this time:)

    2. Wow, I wasn’t even thinking that it will be so profitable to scalp on ECN-account. I’m trading for purpose on the account with the fixed spread – yeas, it’s not that beneficial, but instead, it’s more reliable. To be honest, it’s hard to believe, that ECN spreads don’t go wider than fixed…Maybe I will test ECN-account just because of curiosity;)

  9. As far as I know, AAFX Trading has got some very favorable ECN spreads. For example, 0.6 in EUR/USD is not even a minimal but medium value! I don’t think that any other broker can offer real spreads that are less than 1 pip, even though many of them claim that. Indeed, with moderate volatility in place, the spreads really almost don’t widen at all, remaining fixed on the value of about 0.6 pips. As a result, it is often the case that you open a deal (provided that the tendency is determined correctly), and bam – it’s already in the black! In case with other brokers however, you often have to wait for minutes until the spread value is balanced by the return. It might get pretty stressful while scalping, especially when you have just a couple of minutes per deal.
    And of course, scalping is a great way to fulfill your bonus requirements 🙂 Probably all the AAFX regulars are perfectly aware of this thing, though long-term traders cannot really use it to the fullest 😀 Though they’ve got swap-free accounts instead, so nothing to complain about 🙂 As for scalpers, they can make about 30% of additional income per several months, and that’s with the minimal swap involved. Considering that AAFX also performs smooth and quick withdrawals, I don’t see why this company still isn’t a market leader, contenting itself with the status of a sound average. Maybe some troubles with promotion, or anything… Anyway, personally I don’t know any other broker that would be more suitable for my trading than AAFX, so I’m totally satisfied. By the way, I’m also planning to check out their services of a stock market broker some day. They say, if you invest an amount big enough, you can enter in the stock exchanges from all over the world and invest in stock as much as you please.

    1. Yes, I also noticed that AAFX has tight spreads. I won’t confirm regarding the other brokers, I used to trade only with one before AAFX, but it had only fixed spreads, while for EURUSD that were whole 3 pips – more than AAFX offers on the accounts with the fixed spread. So the conditions here are really great, I didn’t see more beneficial so far.

  10. I was attracted by AAFX, because this company is sitting kind of in the middle of stock shares market and forex. I’m ok with forex, I don’t have any prejudice. Actually, for the speculating currency pairs are the same assets like shares. But if you are investing seriously, then shares are more preferable. You can both speculate the currencies with AAFX and invest the shares – for clients with large deposit broker provides access to any world exchange. I’m quite interested in this opportunity. So far I’m trading only currencies, but as time goes I’m planning to switch to investing in shares.

  11. I really like to analyze. I play games where you need to develop your civilization.
    I was 25 years old a year ago. My girlfriend decided to make me a present and open for me an AAFX account . I did not even know what Forex was at that time XD
    I started reading and studying reviews. I was very surprised by the fact that 98% of traders lose their money. I did not like these statistics, I did not want to be among the losers.
    I thanked my girlfriend, but I refused a real account. I decided that if I want to succeed, I must learn to trade on a demo account. I learned to trade for six months. After 6 months, I realized that I was ready to switch to a real account. I was able to see the trends of the market and I can say that I am not a loser.
    If you do not know what Forex is and do not understand why various indicators are needed, do not trade on Forex! Use a demo account. Do not forget that you can lose money in a minute of trading, and it will take a long time to return them. If you decide to make money here, then find out the rules of the game.

    1. I’ve also been practicing for quite a while before I started working with real money and I don’t regret anything. It was worth it. I am sure that if I had hurried up or stayed with nothing, or just lost interest in this area and would never have been satisfied with even starting. And so I started the market fully prepared. I can’t say that everything at once started to turn out one hundred percent, of course the real market and money are very different emotions. But I can’t exactly call myself disappointed. It is good that there is such an opportunity in aafx and this broker does not limit its traders.

  12. This is my first live account broker, so I don’t really have anything to compare it with. On the other hand I was relatively thoughtful and picky about it, so it’s not that my opinion doesn’t matter at all. I wanted my broker to provide access to american stock market first of all, then commodities CFD, then forex, which I’m least interested in. AAFX has got all these. Next spreads and commissions. No overnight fees, tight spreads for ECN accounts, nice leverage they offer. Not that I would suggest anyone using all of their 1:2000 offer. Ridiculous! But its nice to know you can always feel free to manage your potential profits as you wish and plan strategies with any potentials and risks.

  13. I trade with AAFX too. Was considering stocks for investing too. Did you find the applied commissions reasonable? How do you like it so far? I’m a bit worried about overnight commissions with stocks. FOREX is awesome for intraday trading with AAFX, have no doubts about it, but stocks… Would appreciate any help!

  14. I’m trading with AAFX Trading already for more than 3 years. For me, it’s a perfect option of long term investment. Forex- is just a hobby for me, I don’t have enough time to control the deals, do analysis and so on a daily bases. I just like to open a deal just for further perspective and check how it is going once in a while. This is almost a win-win tactic, to be honest, the profit is not so big, but I’m satisfied with such state of the things. The most important, it’s possible to realize it all on AAFX, because there are no swaps. I can keep the deal open as long as I want, and this would not entail any additional expenses.
    Also at the same time sometimes I trade as scalper – there’s no reason you can’t do both, capital allows me doing so.I never use too big volume in deals. And it’s also profitable to scalp there – the spreads are around 1 pip for liquid assets – this is very cool, you can make money even on super-fast deals if you determine the right direction. In general, AAFX is a good broker, with good conditions for both long-term trader and scalpers.

  15. I’m trading with AAFX Trading already for more than 3 years. For me, it’s a perfect option of long term investment. Forex- is just a hobby for me, I don’t have enough time to control the deals, do analysis and so on a daily bases. I just like to open a deal just for further perspective and check how it is going once in a while. This is almost a win-win tactic, to be honest, the profit is not so big, but I’m satisfied with such state of the things. The most important, it’s possible to realize it all on AAFX, because there are no swaps. I can keep the deal open as long as I want, and this would not entail any additional expenses.
    Also at the same time sometimes I trade as scalper – there’s no reason you can’t do both, capital allows me doing so.I never use too big volume in deals. And it’s also profitable to scalp there – the spreads are around 1 pip for liquid assets – this is very cool, you can make money even on super-fast deals if you determine the right direction. In general, AAFX is a good broker, with good conditions for both long-term trader and scalpers.

  16. I trade on 1 minute timeframe, so I do lots of trades every day. Up to 100 actually. This is why AAFX ECN account fits me perfectly. The variable spreads on this type of account are quite tight so I can still be profitable. On average I get around 1.3 pip spread on EURUSD currency pair. The broker has got bonus program as well.I was able to fulfill it successfully due to the high leverage offer and the fact I trade a lot during the day. Have to warn you that these requirements fulfillment is probably not possible if you only invest or do couple trades a week.The other thing is that AAFX has a limitation. If you exit the trade in less than 1 minute, trade results will be omitted. So yeah, you can still scalp here, but if your plan is HFT robot to run on MT4 – than this is probably not a good idea. Withdrawals are free of charges and go smoothly.Trading is performed through Metatrader platform.

  17. I’ve changes three brokerages so far. No, I did not get into trouble with brokers taking my money and refusing to withdraw them. I’ve heard people get into such trouble from time to time, but I’m not one of them. Yet, my experience was not positive until I found AAFX finally. My previous brokers had the following unpleasant features: I was not satisfied with orders executions. They were not accurate at all. I know this is normal for market-type orders, but slippages were often too crazy. I also didn’t like the fact that people from the office would keep calling me and offering to participate in their trust management programs. No, thanks. I said NO! How many times do I have to say no so that you finally understand that I want to trade myself with my capital? With AAFX I enjoy really tight spreads and also the two problems that I’ve described above are not present here. I can focus on my trading instead of talking on the phone and worrying about slippages. This is a nice brokerage indeed! Oh, they also have a 35% welcome bonus for depos over $500. I did not complete the bonus release turnover requirement so can’t tell for sure if it works for real or not, but the company promises this bonus is withdrawable, which sounds very nice.

  18. I’ve started trading forex only 3 months ago.I’ve finished trading courses and was very nervous to open my live trading account. Had a difficult time choosing my perfect brokerage, so I created a special spreadsheet with all the parameters that can influence on my choice of the company. And the winner is …. AAFX brokerage! (Applause and congratulations are to be here). Seriously, I’ve spent over a week comparing the spreads, commissions, awards, bonus programs and all these type of things.The min.depo here is only $100 which fits me perfectly. I’m only beginner and I’m kinda prepared to lose my first deposit. People say there is a tradition among traders to lose the first deposit, lol. Spreads are very tight at AAFX, starting at 1.8 pips on fixed accounts. There is a 35% welcome bonus. I could not apply for it, because it’s only for accounts with over $500. As far as I’m concerned, the company has been working many years now, so its reliable. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to test how the withdrawals go, cause I didn’t make much profit yet.

  19. I understand that risk is the inevitable part of business. Not only in trading, but in any business in general. The higher is the risk, the greater is the expected profit. This is why I value the fact that my broker allows me to decide myself the acceptable risk level that I want and am ready to accept in my trading. For currencies AAFX offers 1:2000 leverage which in human language can be called “unlimited”. I am not the kind of person that stakes everything on a single trade. For me leverage is the opportunities to diversify my trading. I enter multiple trades on different instruments simultaneously. This would not have been possible with a leverage cap of 1:20, which is often the case with european brokers.
    As long as I;m making lots of trades on a daily basis this is also very important for me that AAFX has got a fantastic offer on spreads and commissions. Basically spreads are the only applicable fees with this brokerage. Moreover, these spreads are very tight themselves. Especially if you choose variable spreads option and avoid trading at the time of major economic new releases. Just in case you don’t have a favourite calendar yet, there is one on AAFX website, so you can check with it.

    1. On the contrary, I consider leverage as an opportunity for those who do not have a lot of money to make more money. Yes, you run the risk of losing everything, but if you calculate everything, you can earn a lot more money for $ 100 with accurate trading. Of course, it’s easy to say when you have $ 4,000 or more in your account, then you can trade from 1:20 multiples. But if you do not have money, then a large multiplier will allow you to make a breakthrough.

  20. Exactly! AAFX leverage can possibly turn each dollar into $2000. Sounds crazy, but this is how leverage works. I wouldn’t suggest risking that much though. Even with a very small deposit, below $500 this is better to stick to 1:200 leverage at max.

  21. There is no need to search further, thank goodness! That was an exhausting marathon in a search of a suitable brokerage and finally its over. I’ve registered with AAFX this summer and happy to announce that finally this is what I was looking for.
    Previously I’ve tried two other forex brokerages, but they didn’t seem to work out well. The first one had terrible connection. I don’t know how this can happen in a modern world, but it seemed to me their servers are located in some remote desert, because from time to time connection would disappear and it took up to 30 minutes to fix it. Horrible! My eye starts twitching when I recall this experience. The second brokerage claimed to have tight spreads, but it turned out that in reality these variable spreads were 0.5 pip only at the times when there is nothing to do on the markets. On average I had 2.7 on EURUSD currency pair, which was definitely not something I was hoping for.
    Finally AAFX gave me all I wanted. They have a reliable connection, fast orders executions and I didn’t notice much requotes on my exits which is also very good. I didn’t dare to play with variable spreads this time and chosen a fixed account type. This way my EURUSD spread is not 2 pips only. Nice brokerage indeed!

  22. I’m trading with AAFx for around 5 months and I’m almost satisfied. Firstly, they have a huge leverage 1:2000, that helps to trade even with small amounts. Of course, in this case, the risks are very high, but I manage to balance and get a profit. Secondly, they have a large range of assets (indcluding indices), so I have plenty to choose from. And the last one is fast withdrawals. I’ve already withdrawn money for 2 times and got them in 2 days. I think these 3 factors are good combination to try this broker.

    1. I would also add a convenient trading platform that provides multiplatform and fine tuning capabilities. Many people may find it insignificant, but for me Metatrader and AAFX in combination give the opportunity to trade comfortably with my own algorithms, support on any issue and quickly withdraw money when I need it. Moreover, there is not just 1:2000 leverage, but negative balance protection, so that you can periodically try very risky deals if you’re sure. That’s good way to win jackpot I think 🙂

  23. I came to AAFx at the invitation of my acquaintance, who had already tested the platform for several months. He was very pleased and suggested that I try something new. I agreed. As far as I know, my friend got a bonus for it right after I funded the account, and that was great. I can say right away that I was pleased with the leverage range from 1:100 to 1:2000. This allows me to test different strategies on different assets. I am very interested in such things, so I was pleased that I could feel more free to go to the market. I like that this broker has taken the MT4 platform. In my opinion, among those that exist today it is one of the most convenient and productive even for a young trader. I can add that the commission for withdrawal of funds is only 5% of the minimum amount. If you withdraw something larger, there will be no commission at all.

    1. I also liked their high leverages and low minimal deposit. I was studying for trading and know how to trade, however, I don’t have enough money to trade with thousannds dollars and AAFX was my chance. I deposited $200 and applied 1:1000 leverage to one transaction. My profit was around $600 and that’s was fantastic. Yeah, I understand that maybe it was just a lottery, but I know what I’m doing and double-checked all TA on the deal. Of course I don’t recommend apply so high leverage, but sometimes it may get you extremely high profit…

  24. If you want to choose an adequate broker with good conditions for a long-term partnership, aafx can be a good solution. That’s because this company is really focused on working with different capitals and traders with different levels of training. Even a beginner can master the MT4 platform, which has all the necessary tools and indicators for profitable trading on the Forex market. I have been trading here for about a year and during this time I managed to check the broker from all sides. First of all, the chat room works here all the time, 24/7. Here you can ask questions about platforma nd connection settings, trading conditions, etc – and get a full answer. Secondly, you can withdraw funds here on a credit card or an e-wallet. There is no withdrawal fee.This is a great advantage because almost all companies charge a commission even with minimal withdrawals. Thirdly, in AAFX you can use different leverage even 1:2000. Sometimes the market opportunities appeal to making big deals with minimal investment and at the same time take profit many times more than you could have expected. For me, it’s just a discovery that you can use large amounts of money so freely. Basically, according to what I have seen and read in other brokers, there are other companies with similar service, but here, as it is surprisingly picked up everything that interests me and allows me to trade in the format that I want.

  25. I’m trading with AAFX company for a 3 years and has come a long way from a newbie to semi-professional trader. I can say that AAFX is one of the best companies to come such a way, as it provides everything to help you become a really professional trader and to help you learn as much, as you can. There are a lot of assets, including CFD stocks, indices and 15 most popular commodities, as well as forex stuff. I come to trade with AAFX as I found that company was chosen as the best broker in asia in 2013 and is working in the US. That’s sound strange, but all of us know that the US has good legal system, so all companies that work it’s market are of the best quality. Based on my experience, I can say that AAFX is good option to start with. There is not only a lot of assets, but also MT4 platform, one of the best market solutions and tight spreads. If you’re newbie it’s better choose FIXED spreads, that starts from 2 pips and then move up to ECN account with market execution, where spreads start from 1 pip. I think they’re very tight and that shows company isn’t trying to take more from you, than it should. So, frankly, I like AAFX service and won’t even look for other broker.

    1. I guess the fact that AAFX accepts the US customers is really a good sign. I’d view this fact as the quality mark for the company. However, being a very pragmatic person I think that tight spreads are probably even more attractive 😉

  26. For me, trading is a long time favorite activity, to which I spend a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, trading brings me a good income, so I can not complain. Like any business, trading requires a lot of knowledge and ability to make quick decisions. No matter how you spin it, you cannot do without analytics and detailed market research in general. Because every day there are a lot of economic and political events, which can fundamentally change the situation in the market and lead to some strong surge. In my opinion, this is not only difficult, but also as interesting as possible. Although, maybe not everyone has such an attitude to trade and the market. But if you penetrate into this topic and find a good broker like affx, for example, you will immediately reach a new level and enjoy trading. And of course a good profit that will justify your investment and the time you spend trading. In fact, not everyone does it and I know people who have achieved great results and those who gave up after the first failure.

    1. You say it right, I really think the market should be studied and not blame the broker for its own failures and insolvency. Is it possible to say that aafx is a broker that you can trust. Absolutely. And everything else is up to you.

  27. I think this brokerage is really worth taking its place among leaders of the industry. They offer nice executions with no requotes or slippages and you can regulate the leverage yourself. No pressure from the company on this matter at all. Apart from this they offer nice spreads on both fixed and ECN accounts. Fixed spreads start with 2 pips I think, and variable are really tight on average. I’ve tried both options and find variable spreads to be more favorable unless you like trading news. Definitely there are some drawbacks here as well, like everywhere else. As an example they don’t count expert advisor trades when calculating the turnover for bonus requirements. This is really difficult for a manual discretionary trader to get the withdrawable bonus. Everything else is pretty cool so I advice to check out this company if you still haven’t made your choice.

  28. Let’s be honest, the most and basic thing in each brokerage is fast withdrawals. It doesn’t matter how cool brokerage may be if it has any withdrawals problems. AAFX Trade is extremely well in terms of withdrawals. In average it takes around 2 days (may be even faster, within 24 hours, but sometimes there are some issues external systems). You can not only get your money fast with no bureaucracy, but AAFX also offers a great number of payment methods. I know that some traders underestimate the importance of having a choice when it comes to a payment systems variety, but just believe me, one day it will have a crucial important. Let’s return to trading conditions. They are actually okey, I can’t say that AAFX is a masterpiece, but it offers realistic spreads and no swaps or other comissions. Trading is performed with Metatrader and you can use it in browser (that’s called Webtrader). EA algorithms are allowed.

  29. I think that everything in the aafx is well thought out for traders with different levels of training. How does it make sense? Well, first of all, there are a lot of services that are designed to quickly adapt to the platform and start working as it is convenient and profitable for you. Secondly, I am sure that it will always help if something goes wrong, more than once I contacted the support team to help me and always get a prompt answer to my question. Thirdly, I have never had any special withdrawal problems here. Withdrawal is always no problem. But the money can go differently sometimes come to the card on the same day, sometimes I have to wait a few days. But this waiting is compensated by the lack of commission, only the bank commission may be in my case only for large amounts.

    1. As a novice trader in the past, I can claim that AAFX is convenient both for novices and experienced traders. There is demo-account and educational center, so even you’re noob in trading, you can just learn. I like this approach. Now I’m experienced trader and I still appreciate AAFX trade, for the reasons you described (that’s the simply the reason why I don’t write another review), I just can agree with everything that you already wrote. AAFX is good as you don’t overpay and your funds are secured. What I else should I ask for?

  30. There are a lot of payment system to proceed a payment, so I never care about deposits or withdrawals. I just know I always cane deposit money with a way CONVENIENT for ME and take my money back in a short time. For 4 years, there were only 2 severe delays, but each time I had problem with my bank and AAFX was so kind to provide me info and other assistance. That’s even better than fast withdrawals, as I feel that my brokerage is here to help me and provide info that I need. Now, I’m thinking about becoming affiliate with brokerage, but I don’t exactly know, so will analyze…
    P.S. some people ask me about withdrawal comissions – there is no comissions, withdrawals are 100% free.

  31. Hi everyone I want to learn trading and I want to start with AAFX, as I see many positive reviews about this brokerage. IF SOMEONE CAN HELP please, tell me IS THERE DEMO-ACCOUNT and if yes, how effective it is? I’m just beginner and I want to learn and I want my future broker to help me with this.

    1. Why don’t you just see the official website?
      It will take 3 minutes and you’ll get the answer on this question.
      Yes, there is demo practice account and you can use it.
      Man, are you kidding? It’s 100% copy of real-trading, except the money. SO HOW EFFECTIVE IT IS? That depends only on you! If you will use every possibility it will be highly effective. I learned how to trade only with AAFX education center and their practice and now I’m profitable.

    2. Yeah, it’s there and it’s completely consistent with the current main platform. You can practice it from the very beginning or use it to practice your strategy, it is a great tool for you to get into the market.

  32. I am very happy that AAFX trading offers such a generous bonus to new users. My friend was interested in Forex for a while, but didn’t dare to try it. With a 35% deposit bonus, it got the necessary encouragement. It also deserves noting that this is probably the most advantageous offer among the trading sites that I came across. Forex trading already has a sufficient user base, and with this introduction will get new users, which will certainly make the site more popular, stable and reliable.

  33. In my opinion, AAFX has become a good solution for many, especially for those who appreciate the functionality and are used to working dynamically, here and the indicators, and the terminal itself works well without any failures. For me, this is exactly what I need. So I can recommend it.

    1. Lee, I also agree with you. For me, the experience with AAFX broker trading was also positive and pleasant. During my work with a broker I;ve found a number of advantages for myself, such as their low ECN spreads and option to fix spreads, which is certainly not uncommon. Also I really liked that the minimum deposit amount was only 100 dollars. By the way, when you start trading, you immediately get a first-deposit bonus and there is also a bonus on each re-deposit. So I also recommend a broker for cooperation.

  34. In my opinion, AAFX has become a good solution for many, especially for those who appreciate the functionality and are used to working dynamically, here and the indicators, and the terminal itself works well without any failures. For me, this is exactly what I need. So I can recommend it.

  35. AAFX Trading was the first brokerage I was absolutely satigsfied with Other brokers was inapropriate, with high spreads, bad support team and so on. AAFX isn’t like this. Spreads are really low and support team always answer and answer is clear and useful. Tried to withdraw money, everything was fast, money came within 2 days, I like this. For me that’s the most important points, just trading with no headache and nerving!

  36. I was going to write a long time ago, but I couldn’t find all the time. Still, it’s important, especially since many of us really focus on feedback in order to find something suitable for us. So, if we talk about AAFX, I think that many people will be satisfied with the fact that there are a lot of tools that can be used for various strategies. In addition, I am satisfied with the fact that there is a great emphasis on learning, so that you can always stay abreast of the latest developments, and this is extremely useful for developing yourself as a trader.

    1. I understand you so much. I also can’t find a time to write a review. Want it to be detailed, but can’t find enough time to write something really interesting. I like that AAFX makes emphasis on learning, new traders are always wanted, that develops the market and makes it more competitive though 🙂

  37. I’ve been told a lot of good things about AAFx, now I’m ready to open an account here, but I just wanted to know if there are any difficulties, withdrawal of funds did not come or something else – how does the company react and help?

    1. You don’t have to worry, everything is just fine here, money is withdrawn quickly, and managers from the support very quickly react to any question and really try to help, good service.

  38. Look, I think a lot of us pay attention to the same thing when choosing a broker. The original terminal, various assets, indicators, trouble-free withdrawal. And of course here it’s all there. But what distinguishes aafx from other companies is the absence of commissions and the possibility to start working with a small amount.

  39. I chose aafx precisely because this broker has very high ratings. I compared a large number of companies with each other, and made sure that it is in aafx that there is an optimal ratio of quality and amount for the start, which allows traders with different levels of preparation to start trading here and now and quickly enough to find strategies that are suitable for everyday use. It is important for me, in principle, that I can act exactly as I feel comfortable. Because according to my observations, it is the obstacles from the broker’s side that create the maximum number of problems for traders. So, if you are the same trader who needs the freedom of action and wants to realize all his wishes, then you can safely register in aafx.

  40. I myself started trading at AAfX on the recommendation of my friends, and now I can personally recommend this broker to those who REALLY want to make money in the market. Unfortunately, there are very few such companies now, and I want to save you time searching so that you do not get disappointed in trading and do not think that all companies just want to take your money. There are still normal brokers left. Besides, AAFx uses mt, and I think that many traders will agree with me that this is one of the most productive trading platforms today.

  41. To trade in plus you need capital, knowledge and a broker that does not create problems. AAFx is that kind of company. There are no surprises or stressful moments, everything works at the level, money goes, it’s a real business, not a survival game.

  42. How does a mobile app work here? Is it okay? Cause I’m always on the road, I don’t want to be nervous about it (I have Android).

    1. Hey, there’s standard MT4 mobile apps, there’s many reviews on the Web. It works ok and offers almost full functionality (judging by my needs)

    2. Come on, this is MetaTrader. 4.5 stars at Google Play. If there is something really good about the app – that’s the reliability of the platform.

  43. I can’t say anything special about this brokerage company, because in fact it’s a standard forex broker. On the other hand, there is a normal service and of course there is also a need to understand as in any other business, so my advice to you – just do not chase fast money, develop and study the market carefully. Then everything will be fine!

  44. I think that many people will agree that trading provides some freedom of action, especially if you have a good understanding of the market mechanisms and working strategies.
    The second most important in this case is the brokerage company.
    I personally have long chosen a suitable option for me. And in the end, I chose this one for several reasons.
    – demo
    – quality mobile application
    – training materials, correct and designed for different levels of complexity
    – no limit on the amount and number of financial transactions
    In general, both freedom of action and a competent organization.

  45. Here I got to know the fixed spreads that allowed me to act an order of magnitude more dynamic. Besides, they are small, only from 2 pips, so you can trade even more than you expected…

  46. I am of course a beginner trader and I still have a lot to learn, but trading is definitely my business, and this company has become a real business partner, because here I got everything I wanted!

  47. Hi! I accidentally found this broker online, it had quite good reviews and I was interested in opening an account here. Can you please tell me more about the benefits of your accounts and trading conditions. Thank you for the answer, I hope it will be helpful and help me make the final decision! 🙂

    1. Well, a lot will depend on your knowledge and experience.
      1. ECN – floating spreads – if you are good at navigating the market – from 0.5 points on currency pairs.
      2. FIXED – fixed spreads – if you have certain difficulties with calculations – from 2 pips.
      3. VIP – large accounts from $ 20,000.

  48. I liked that AAFX has good fixed spreads. They usually don’t exceed 3 pips, which is lower than most brokers offer. However, when I started trading, I made a $200 deposit and faced the fact that the broker offers limited training. Of course, AAFX Trading Center offers Forex education and it will really help you understand the market, but the broker doesn’t offer any clear trading patterns.
    I can say that if AAFX offered more extensive training (even for money), I would recommend it to my friends.

    1. It is necessary to understand that a brokerage company provides access to the market first of all, and this broker has no problems with it.
      As for the training materials, I can say so – yes, they are not universal and are more designed for beginners so that they can get used to and start working at least on basic strategies. Do you want to know more? There are many opportunities for this now, and it is better to choose independent training courses with a good reputation.

  49. I think this company is a hundred to choose for several reasons. First, there are both variable and fixed spreads. And secondly, you can use leverage up to 1:2000, which is sometimes useful.

  50. Good company overall, I don’t know any criteria to judge the brokerage, but AAFX trading seems to be good enough. At least I’m trading 2 months and I faced no problems. I’ve made withdrawal and it works. I’ve got my money.

  51. I like that modern traders try to develop and test different approaches to find the ones that will allow you to earn on a permanent basis.
    Of course, for this to work out, you need certain conditions. And it is your brokerage company that can provide you with this. But you also need to be as careful as possible.
    For example, there are different types of spreads, large leverage – that’s good. But to use it for your own purposes, you need to deal with it well and check everything from beginning to end.

  52. I am glad that this company is constantly developing and adding some new services. And I am glad that now there is MT5, but I still doubt whether I should try this trading terminal. What do you think, if I work only on technical analysis, should I try it?

    1. You decide, btw. I can say, as a trader that tried both platforms that there is no significant difference. Just try both and than make a decision, if you’re satisfied with MT4 than I see no point. But better try both. It’s good that AAFX offers such opportunity, so why not use it?

  53. Yay, you can congratulate me – today I have reviewed my statistics, and this is my first profitable month out of three that I trade.
    Thank to my brokerage, because this is my real help.

  54. It is important for each person to realize himself, his ideas in order to get the most from his work and his potential. And there is nothing wrong with that, because these are normal needs of a modern person.
    Services of modern brokerage companies have also changed and adapted because of this, because it allows to retain and attract clients and create something necessary.
    For example, among such developments in this company can be noted access to several terminals, the ability to work with different leverage, ready-made analytics. This is a modern need. It has to be implemented.

  55. I’ve heard AAFX has bonuses for those who just open an account with it. The broker doesn’t have any more bonuses? Because a friend of mine tells me it not only has bonuses for beginners, but I don’t know about it. So it’s true?

    1. Hi there)) Your friend is right, AAFX gives bonuses not only for beginners. It has a fairly developed bonus system, and bonuses aren’t only for those who just registered. Also, the broker’s clients get 25% on any further deposit from $500 and 30% on any further deposit from $1000. So on the one hand it is cool, because everyone loves bonuses and it is always nice to get them. On the other hand, you lost to your friend and he/she was right :p

  56. It seems to me that the work of a modern trader becomes both more simple and more complicated at the same time.
    Let me explain now.
    On the one hand, today we have access to a huge selection of tools and services. Let’s take this company as an example – two modern trading terminals, ready-made analytics, two types of spreads (fixed and floating), a wide range of leverage – and this is all good.
    But on the other hand, we are faced with a huge flow of information in the market, which is difficult to process and use in practice.
    And it’s already our task to choose the most working and effective direction for ourselves. And this is difficult.
    And here we need to look for solutions – to try, to draw conclusions, to use a demo (it is here too), etc.

  57. I’m trading 4 years with this brokerage and all seems to be good. Recently, I got news that AAFX launched Metatrader 5 support as well, so I’m wondering about how I can switch to this trading platform? Gratz in advance!

    1. I have almost switched! And I like MT5 features.
      First of all, you need to download and install this terminal. After installing and opening MT5, you should select Login with existing account. Enter AAFX TRADING and click the AAFX-Demo icon or AAFX-Real. All account types support MT5.

  58. I have been trading for a while. A couple of times I tried to use bonuses in other companies, but there were difficulties with withdrawal of funds after that. At AAFX everything was done fairly. The conditions for receiving and using bonuses are transparent. You can withdraw your money and profit without any restrictions, even if you have used bonuses. In this case they just will be canceled. It is also possible to withdraw bonuses, but you need to trade a certain amount of lots for this.

    1. Yes, it is true. And despite the fact that these conditions are largely the same as those in other companies, they are fully complied with here. This is really good news for many.

  59. Good set of assets and many educational videos. I actively use this in my work.
    I haven’t tried the bonuses yet. But I want to. Is it worth taking them with a 2000$ deposit?

    1. Yes, according to the terms of the bonus program, you get 35% on your account if you deposit $500 or more. Since you have significantly more, it makes sense to take advantage of the offer. You will receive $700 in AAFX. This will substantially increase your possibilities. And even if you can’t withdraw the bonus due to non-compliance with the turnover conditions, the profit will also be significant.
      And it can be withdrawn.

  60. AAFX is one of the best solutions for those traders, that are interested in high-leveraged trading, but if you’re just looking for a stable solution, I think AAFX has some cons. First of all, there’s no copy-trading and no ready-to-use strategis offered. Second problem is that the fixed spreads are much higher than variable ones, so there’s no reason to use Fixed spreads, as you would just overpay a lot.
    So I think that this brokerage is good if you’re trading with high-leveraged posiions or if you’re interested in tight variable spreads. If you’re looking for Fixed spreads – you might better have another look around

  61. From the very beginning, I didn’t expect a lot from this broker. I thought it’s a typical brokerage service in all regards, except for its unique 1:2000 leverage, of course. However, once I tried trading with this company, my emotions were mostly positive. The trading process here is quite smooth, without frequent slippage and requotes. Moreover, the broker allows to withdraw earnings with no hassle.

  62. Many brokers provide good trading conditions, but what AAFX Trading provides is a really high level of service.. I like it!
    I first read AAFX Trading review on some Forex forum. The trader talked about the 1: 2000 leverage. He just started trading with this broker and decided to share this news .. Like me now … 😉
    Of course, leverage is not the main selling point of AAFX Trading. I can tell a lot, but you already know everything.
    I just want to say that there is an excellent support service. Any trader will tell you that this is important!

  63. I’m learning to trade with 1:2000 leverage
    I decided to start trading with AAFX cause I was very curious about 1:2000 leverage. In three years in trading I have tried many assets and approaches to trade. I’m still in the process of looking for something that could suit me best of all and could be the thing I can finally characterize as “this thing really works.” However, the more I try the more uncertain and even mysterious my trading becomes. I hope finally I will stop hesitating become confident in my trading approach.

    Perhaps, you heard that many traders advise to trade without leverage. Well, I tried different leverages. The highest was 1:500, while the smallest one was 1:5 for currencies. I saw that trading with very small leverage really makes sense if you want to peaceful earn in the longer term and don’t worry about pullbacks. I recognize that it’s a very wise approach but I can’t afford it because small leverage requires greater margin. Maybe someday I will start trading without leverage but it will be later, I suppose.

    1:2000 leverage provided by this broker is what suits me at the moment. Yeah, it’s risky but I appreciate the trust.

    1. I don’t know how you manage those levels of leverages, it is just too high for me. Anything bad can happen at anytimes, and on this levels, even the smallest move against you can wipe down your house of cards instantly. Personally, I do not recommend using that. And if you are able to manage that and you are actually profitable, I would totally buy your book or trading course on trading with excessive amounts of leverage:))

  64. The absence of swaps was the only reason for me to join your company. I actively use locking and when you stay locked for a long time, it’s crucial to be confident that swaps will not eat up your depo gradually. I know it won’t happen here cus swaps don’t exist here. Well, I’ve already signed up and I’m going to deposit money tomorrow but wanna ask smth. How long will it take me to withdraw money to my credit card?

    1. With financial transactions, they do not delay, at least I did not meet any negativity on this issue.

  65. my favourite broker since 2017.
    with any question support team always helping me
    all conditions is suitable for me and my trading system

    you can start with only 100$ and use welcome bonus as well.
    so, practice your skills and start smartly

  66. Choosing a job, it’s like getting married, first of all, you can’t always predict it, and secondly, it determines your life for the next few years. For example, I’ve been married two times, it seems that it’s time for a third term 😜😉
    This amazing word “Forex” I saw in an advertisement in the subway car. Earnings from the fluctuations of currency exchange rates … It sounds nice!
    The only thing prettier is “free money, sir!”
    So, here’s the truth: to become successful at Forex and generally in trading is very, very difficult!
    I think the percentage of successful traders is even lower than the percentage of successful entrepreneurs.
    It’s been a long time and now I have enough money for everything. I traded with different brokers. I don’t want to praise anybody, I’m not here to advertise. But nevertheless, I wasn’t disappointed with one broker, and it was AAFX Trading.

  67. Is it possible to withdraw money to Perfect Money here?

    1. Perfect Money, Webmoney, Neteller, you name it, AAFX has it. the broker even allows to deposit/withdraw by crypto networks. At the moment it’s one of the most secure and fast payment methods.
      But I wouldn’t recommend you to store your cryptos at the exchanges, it’s not very safe nowadays.

  68. I got real pleasur from trading with this broker and want to continu trading at this place. It offers very good trading conditions for cross pairs and it makes me consider opening extra accounts to assign separate ones for certain strategies.

    1. It’s an unusual idea. I, for example, use a notebook when trading. In order not to manage the assets I use when trading multiple startups at once.

  69. Are educational materials effective here?

    1. The broker is very good at providing education. You can learn how to trade from scratch. You can learn strategies and how to use indicators as well.

  70. AAFX Trading is a nicce and legit company providing access to financial markets. I like to trade here!

  71. I’mma put this firm 5 out 5, simply becauzse of the smooth adaptation and such warm welcome bonuses like this one.
    I couldn’t flex vast experience in trading whenn I wanted to sign up for an account on this platform. But, straightforward navigation, sleek interface and some interesting learning materials did the trick.
    And, surely, I used the opportunity to gain some extra cash to increase margin.

  72. I want to share with you about the bonuses that provide AAFX. There are 2 types of bonuses:
    – a welcome bonus (35% for the first deposit);
    – bonus for the next deposit (25-30% depending on the amount)
    As we know, bonuses are important for motivation.

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