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$123 NO-Deposit Forex Bonus – FBS

Enjoy Promotional offer of  FBS broker $123 NO-Deposit Forex Bonus – a Special Gift from a Premium Forex broker to all new clients, without any hassle of verification. Register a live account and start Live trading with a huge no-deposit bonus. The bonus will be credited instantly to the trading account and take the opportunity to start Live Forex, CFDs & Commodities without any kind of investment and no risk at all.

$123 NO-Deposit Forex Bonus

Get FBS broker $123 NO-Deposit Forex Bonus

Joining Link: $123 No Deposit Bonus

Joining Link: $50 Bonus-Credit

Ending Date: December 31, 2019

Offer is Applicable: New and Existing clients

How to Apply:

  • Register an account
  • No Verification requires

Bonus Cash Out:

  • Only profits can be withdrawn and after conditions have been met.
  • Please be advised to ask their live support to know more details.

Terms & Conditions –  FBS NO Deposit Bonus

The bonus will expire after 7 days from the day of credited.

General Terms & Conditions apply.

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Max.Leverage: 1:3000

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  1. this program is very very scam. they give u 7 days to trade $123 bonus credit. if u make profit, it ( the profit ) will divided by 3. and you get one part of them.

    has they do it, your money cannot withdrawal, your profit will be credit in your real account.

    ex : if you won $300, your money is $100.
    and then they can’t withdrawal but you will get $100 in your acc real, but it’s credit status.

    and then you must trade your $100, if you make profit you can withdrawal.


    1. I would like to start with this

    2. Hello FBS Payah

      Unfortunately it seems that you misread the conditions for the bonus

      You do indeed have 7 days to trade without making any deposit. All the profit that you get while trading is then saved in your personal area. You have unlimited time to withdraw the profit (each month). Now, in order to withdraw the ENTIRE profit that you made, you take the profit amount and divide it by 3 – that is the amount of lots that need to be traded to withdraw the whole profit at one time. BUT, you do not have to withdraw the entire amount at one time. Lets view an example:

      Your profit from the $123 bonus is $100 – and is saved in your personal area.

      The following month you trade on a regular account (of your choice and you traded 10 lots. You take the 10 lots and multiply by 3 = $30. That month you can withdraw $30 of the $100 profit made.

      The following month you trade 5 lots. 5*3=$15 That month you can withdraw $15 of the $70 remaining.

      and so forth every month until you withdraw all your profit made on the Bonus account.

      I hope this clarifies any misunderstanding you had about the conditions of the bonus.
      Thank you and happy trading.

      FBS Official

      1. you can withdraw but will never be able to take all ur the end of the day the broker will take an extra part of ur profit…now imagine this to new traders that have no idead about nothing…shame on u guys while a few can get a few scraps others are tearing money apart …..i guess the least u could was allow traders to withdraw the full money that was taken from the market ..really nice of u guys someone trade 100 lots and can only withdraw 300 hahahahah..come on guys trading the whole month making nice amounts of cash and only be able to withdraw scraps…thats nice in the start when u dont know shit….

      2. Já usei bônus de vários corretoras, e só quem se destacou foi o bônus de 50 da FBS, EU CUMPRIR O QUE PEDIRAM EM 5 DIAS, E SAQUEI 120 DÓLARES, solicitei o saque de manha a tarde já estava na conta, FICO GRATO A EMPRESA, espero participar de outros bônus como esse, o bônus de 100 eu não gostei é ruim de negociar aquele tipo de bônus.

  2. Yet, there is a chance to withdraw cash

  3. What a waste. You cant withdraw it.

  4. no you cant t withdraw
    you must make a deposit trade with it and after you can take (nb of trade*3) from your profit
    that bonus is wast of time

    1. Really

  5. FBS Inc AttachmentsJan 3 (6 days ago)
    Proceed to your Personal Area → FBS .com – trading account registration 303183…

    aqu nie Jan 4 (5 days ago)
    woiiiii scammer you closed my profit 379.00

    aqu nie Jan 4 (5 days ago)
    why you closed my profit $379.00 ? ???????????????

    aqu nie Jan 4 (5 days ago)
    my trade i not closed. but why you closed my trade profit $379.00 and you gif…

    aqu nie
    Jan 4 (5 days ago)

    to FBS
    please answer m

    1. i can answer u that didnt trade the required amount of lots and the required amount of time for each trade then then ur participation in the event was ended.. thats is really bad but its specified in the terms…noob traders are the ones who most suffer from these bonuses

  6. Its A BIG Lie . dont Register

  7. hi i make it 307 dollars but they don’t give me single dollar
    fuck the FBS

  8. after you make profits from bounce they will take them and you must deposite your own money and trade the needed lots ( Profit/3 = lots needed to give you the profits made from the bounce , so you will trade 7 days then you need to trade with deposite . this is biggggg scam and waste of time . scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam , i made 800$ profits but can withdrawal till make deposite and trade 270 lots .

  9. FBS is a serious broker since years with his great community Fx Bazooka. All of you who will sign up for bonus will get your withdrawal without any problem.

  10. biggest scam bonus ever. you cant withdraw! you will have to deposit minimum 500 dollar and then trade incredible much lots to withdraw parts of your profits. too bad to be true this bonus

  11. well it’s not a scam, it’s on the promo rules.

    Let say you make 300 usd profit from the bonus, then you make a deposit and start trading normally, you will get eventually on a montlhy basis your profit credited to your main account depending on how many lots you traded each month.they will pay lots traded per mont *3. So, if you trade 30 lots per month, you will get 90 usd profit each 1st day of the month. Not a scam but an incentive to make you deposit and trade to get the bonus earning which is good in my opinion since I’m a new trader and the bonus account served me to learn some basics.

    1. please help i am new i am open 123$ account and earn profit 307$ but help me next trading this account or real account please help me i am new

      1. Hello Waqarg

        My apologies, for this late response. Please tell me, were you able to find the conditions regarding your profit withdrawal?

        You can always come to our live chat on our website, or send a ticket to [email protected] if you have any questions. Our support team is available 24 hours a day 5 days a week and will be happy to answer any and all questions that you have.

        Thank you and happy trading.


      Look if i made a huge porfit, why the heel do I have to deposit? doent make nay sense,

      JUST SCAM.

      the most forex traders are scammers..soon or later thye want your money back, the market work with gains and losses, if you win someone have to pay the losses – so be aware.

      only few have gains,,, and even those are acmmed by the traders, when they see a lot of money.

      1. you have to deposit because you are trading in a fake account (demo) then you will deposit and they will pay you your own money ;D

  12. Can you tell me please how much deposit if i profit money withdrawal any body

    1. Hello Khalid – I apologize for this late response.

      Can you please clarify your question? Also to make a note you can always come to our live chat on our website, or send a ticket to [email protected] if you have any questions. Our support team is available 24 hours a day 5 days a week and will be happy to answer any and all questions that you have.

      Thank you and happy trading

      1. please fbs official mention that you can not touch the profit in anyway until you deposit money into the account

  13. The here are bad bonus therms!
    There is,fore example,in Tradeo or Qkona much better!
    Better indentity check immediately and longer Term!

    1. Thank you Welltrader for sharing your opinion.

      Happy Trading

      1. please fbs official mention that you can not touch the profit in anyway until you deposit money into the account

  14. I think FBS analytics is excellent; it does help to improve my trading strategy!
    I liked the company’s services very much

  15. I think FBS is a good service and thay are not scam. I have made bonus with this 123 no deposit bonus and have withdraw it.

    1. Hi thay give you your profit from the bonus account month start or every time in the month

  16. thievery and so much… on your capital earn. behind 123 $ Want to earn petryliard
    or take you everything

  17. I deposit $5000.00
    After i trade and get a profit 2300%, I can’t withdrawal


    Try your luck with FBS!

  18. ini namanya bukan “no deposit bonus” kalau memang harus deposit dulu.
    kalau kita mau ambil profitnya kita harus deposit dulu dan bertrading sesuai lot yang kita tradingkan di akun lain.
    dan di awal bulan seberapa banyak lot yang kita tradingkan di bulan lalu dikalikan (x) 3.

    contohnya : kita deposit sebesar $500 dan lot yang sudah kita tradingkan misalnya 10 lot.
    maka 10*3 = $30 lah yang kita terima dari bonus 123.

    jadi intinya ini bukan “bonus no deposit”.

  19. Dont take this bonus.How is possible to ask you deposit to keep trading you profit bonus and make it withdrawable when the promo write ”no deposit bonus”?It is ridiculous.Read the TERMS if want investing in this company think it again but tell you NOT.Also you dont send official documents that your docouments deleted from your servers only an mail.

  20. My account is credoted 123$ but i am unable to open a new order why?

  21. Can I trade with a real account with the FBS bonus must I deposite or to start trading on MT5 please assist

    1. Hello Bonginkosi Mathebula
      Please come to FBS Live Chat (available 24/7) or send your inquiry to [email protected]
      Thank you

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  23. do not trade do not deposit. i made $1700. i was ask to deposit and i did can’t withdraw don’t get response to my ticket.

  24. do not trade do not deposit. i made $1700. i was ask to deposit and i did can’t withdraw don’t get response to my ticket.

    1. Dear Linus Udie
      Please kindly provide us with your account number, or ticket number, from where you contacted FBS support team. We will be happy to check on this for you.

  25. TOTALLY WASTE OF TIME!! guys believe me this bonus is useless to waste your time using this bonus I tried and tested….they will allow you to trade 123usd bonus with 1:000 leverage for us to gain big profit…after 7 days your account becomes zero and the profit will be recorded in your personal area account…. Now this the very disappointing thing…in order for us to order the gain profit say for instance we make 312 USD profit …..we need to deposit our own money and trade their required lots for 312 profit we need to trade 104 LOTS…….. 1.00 lot x 3 = 3dollars only this their formula …..just imagine how much lots do we need to trade….. useless don’t try it you will just waste your time and effort !!!!!!while I am writing this i have traded 10.00 lots x 3 = 30 dollars only I can withdraw the first day of the month.

    1. Hello Janeth

      The conditions you stated are pretty much correct indeed. The maximum leverage for trading on the bonus is 1:2000. Please make a note, you should always read the term and conditions prior to signing up or using any bonus. You can get the full list of conditions, with an example in your personal area, on the bonus page

      1. Brokers were all bullshit !!

  26. Hello Janeth

    Thye conditions you stated are pretty much correct indeed. The maximum leverage for trading on the bonus is 1:2000. Please make a note, you should always read the term and conditions prior to signing up or using any bonus. You can get the full list of conditions, with an example in your personal area, on the bonus page

    Thank you
    FBS Official

  27. What a waste of time guys!!!

    In my view, this is not even a real USD but is a like a demo, is just that they are fooling us. You can make a lot of profit with that 123 USD but you can not withdraw it, it shows that you were trading a demo because you still have to deposit your own money. Brokers are happy if you lose because that is how they make money. Using big Lot Size because you want to get a bonus but the opposite will happen, end up blowing your account. Poor marketing

  28. just waste your time to trade with FBS. Im start trade with fbs using bonus 88.88. follow all rules in term& condition. After gain 300usd profit, my account disable. when ask a support, they tell me im using same IP address. WTF! my first time registration was suspend? Already report at fbs support and get the same answer. Not fair.

  29. I made 340 dollars and I observed a very effective elimination system I never made a deposit in the forex market nor will I do it, but in my opinion all these bonus programs are nothing more than slave labor, they take their time and in the end the customer receives nothing without saying that this leverage of 1/2000 is absurd if you take a stop of 0.008% that equals 16% and if you take a 3% it equals 6000% of your forex market margin is without future.

  30. I have a bad experience with FBS and in term of that they have no support or guidance. I tried 4 months long to start real account trading but could not get help. Only one guy was helpful but he cannot be there for 24 hours.All brokers does not want that traders can make some profit while it reduces their earning.They keep their possibility to keep the money in and this only happen when trader is less inform.I was attracted that they are not asking how much funds you going to start with but they are keeping the trader unaware of facilities or trade helping facilities.These all bonus no own funds are show businesses.

  31. No rating rather angry and feel upset when see advertising stories.

  32. In order to withdrawn you must deposit your account and traded lots 1/3 of your profit every you must try harder every month for little profit like guinea pig .actually you can deposit your account and take all profit .this bonus is not necessary and have no Real function for my country there is forword,free cheese only in mouse trap:))

  33. they legit..just too strict…i used the 50 bonus nd the 123 bonus, have 885$ on 123 bonus…which i still need to trade lots for…i withdrew 440$ from 50$ bonus…so they are legit i guess. jus read their conditions..they are a bit too much

  34. Is the a real FBS-Real-10 server or this is all just scam

  35. Is the a real FBS-Real-10 server or this is all just scam

  36. I make over 1700USD from 123bonus account, and already withdraw around 5usd from the bonus.., somehow they not lying about the bonus.
    for me the difference is, when trading using bonus money i can trade 1usd per trade.., but when i use my own money…,hehehe, 0.01 is big already…, thats why trade lot become very small…

  37. FBS gives the best bonuses you will ever find in this industry…try it for yourself and you will see..the people speaking ill about FBS blew their bonus accounts from FBS, and they don’t what you to get the opportunity they messed up…

    1. which other broker do u know that gives like fbs

  38. You can like this promotion or not, but FBS isn’t scam or fake. Not even a little bit. I’m with FBS and I am more than satisfied. The only bummer, they removed the “Unlimited Account” type. That was the best of all accounts they offer.

    Blame the one who put this promotion on this site here, not FBS. It’s nothing but another promotion and a good chance for some extra bucks each month.

    FBS is loyal as f**k. If you don’t try to cheat on them and follow all of their rules (lots of), they won’t scam you. Period.

  39. You have to deposit first, then you can withdraw profits from the $ 123 no deposit bonus. I have asked more to support FBS and your answer. You have to deposit first, then you can withdraw profit from the result of the no deposit bonus of $ 123. Can be at WD every 1st day of the beginning of the month.

  40. THERE ARE NO ONE BROKERS WHO WANT TO LOSS, then there are rules and schemes like that no deposit bonus, the edges tell you to deposit first, then you can withdraw the profits. Better to be frank in front of not many reasons. There are still many brokers who HONEST out there

  41. Real a no Deposit bonus-when you do not need to earn your own money, and this is bullshit

  42. Thank FBS 2018 i was join the 50 usd no deposit bonus , and i got rofit in one month get 550 usd….the support client tell me maximum profit can be withdraw 500 usd ….thanks a lot in 2 hour after i send my
    photo and id card , the FBS succesfull money in my account RM 1900….thank…. God

    here detaild my account report
    file:/// C:/Users/bahari/AppData/Roaming/MetaQuotes/Terminal/2397DBB920AB2D199A42CE1F06EBD348/report%20fbs%20bonus%2050%20usd.htm

  43. I wastes myself in this broker bonus, what a scam

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