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$150 NO-Deposit Bonus – Extrasum

Extrasum brings 150 USD NO deposit to trade Forex on the extrasum platform and earns profits. Experience live trading without any funding and avoid financial risk. Start with a Bonus account and explore real trading features.

extrasum trading bonus


Joining Link: BONUS

Ending Date: Limited Time

Offer is Applicable: New Trader

How to Apply:

  • Register an account using the above link, Verify your profile.
  • Open a Bonus account
  • Receive $150 USD BONUS


  • Initial 150 USD Bonus – NO
  • Profits – Need to trade 1 lot for each $1 USD of profits. The maximum withdrawal is $100 USD.

Terms & Conditions – extrasum NO DEPOSIT BONUS

Bonus Credit will automatically be removed on your first withdrawal

If for any reason the foul play is suspected, the Bonus Credit will be canceled

General terms and conditions apply.

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Min.Deposit: 25 USD

Regulated: FSCA

Max.Leverage: 1:500

Country: Array

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Min.Deposit: 5 USD

Regulated: ASIC

Max.Leverage: 1:888

Country: Array

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FXGlory Broker logo


Min.Deposit: $5

Regulated: IFSA

Max.Leverage: 1:3000

Country: Array

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Min.Deposit: 10 USD

Regulated: VFSC

Max.Leverage: 1:1000

Country: Array

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Min.Deposit: $1

Regulated: FSC of BVI

Max.Leverage: 1:1000

Country: Array

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  1. la otra semana se puede abrir el bono sin deposito

  2. What are the conditions?

    1. The conditions is To Trade and Go Broke! LOL

  3. No Bonus account is on hold and not available as of now since, we are revising the offer. It will be available shortly and once the offer is available you will be notified with terms of use and conditions

    1. Ok looking forward to hearing from you soon

    2. i NEED ALSO TO BE NOTIFY [email protected] or phone +229 97 57 17 41

    3. It is available again. With a far worst conditions. Also, you should feel shame because you suspending profitable accounts. Look like you are just one more data collectors and deposit deposit deposit annoyers who promise a lot but deliver nothing. Recommendation for all traders is to avoid this company.

      1. Don’t trust Goa comments.. He is telling lies. Always he post fake reviews..

        1. Oh yeah.. don’t trust Goa comments 🙂 🙂 🙂 Goa never ever posted any false review. For all visitors of this portal that is a well-known fact for years. When Goa say something that is exactly like he describes or defined. Trust those dudes from companies that come here to spread their false propaganda..waste your time, put yourself into slavery position, be scammed …

        2. Let me try.. 😊

    4. Best offer

  4. Rubbish are not able to register


    1. stupid guy..the bonus was launched last you have traded 100lot fuckin soul…imagine 1$ for 1lot what bad conditions …no wonder they got on 3500 traders trading with them


  6. I am very happy with this fx broker..they are..

  7. Excellent broker….i got my profits to my skrill within 5 minutes… Thankq very much sir giving the opportunity.. Love u ….

    1. Do you feel any shame when You lie? Or you have a habit to lie? You already traded 1lot per 3$ profit and withdraw 3 or 6 at your Skrill? And max 100$ (33 lots turnover a month) But you did all this within a day?! Wow 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. i confirm it is also got my profit.excellent broker

      1. Profit from your salary working for the broker XD

  8. i traded with them on new terms (3$/lot) and now they don’t want to pay profits. without any word. if they reply to me i will update . for now waste of time.

    1. Of course, they will not payout you. They are pure fraud. Par excellence waste of time. Their customer support is just a bunch of liers.

    2. Don’t worrying Boy… They are good.

      1. No, they are not good. They lie and ignore own claims. They are arrogant, rude and you can get a lot of troubles with people like they are. Under no circumstances do not invest own money there.

  9. Bogus Broker. Big Scam with showing best product and services. 1 day ago i open $150 bonus ac every thing is ok account opening verification receive bonus and trade they give me $15 for every 1 lot trade.. but they deactivate Netteller and skrill service on customer ac dash board .. only bank transfer and local transfer is active once i request for withdraw with local withdrawal my request status is pending pending pending…

  10. This guy by the name ‘Ballanki sriram’ is working with the broker guys he’s such a liar …The bonus is just a scam…They should just give 30$ bonus now that the stopout 120$..your account can’t go below 120..Then what bad conditiosn ..To Earn 1$ you have to trade 1lot…like serious with 30$ in your account…This stuff its not impossible but stupid…Think we should all fund account and trade with legit brokers not scams like this…don’t waste your time with this bonus…but you can choose to claim bonus and blow it…

    1. Just shut up… U R saying fake comments.They paid my profits within minutes.. They are good. We can trust them.

      1. hahahahah.. you mean they pay you a tip for fake posting here..Tell us, do you need to send the screenshot of your post first or they pay you in advance? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Only they may be paid to you is a tip for posting false applause here about them. Shame on you.

  11. Seems someone try too hard to be right..ain’t it BSR aka Ballanki Sriram???scamm broker.

    1. Pure fraud. 100% scam.


  13. @Goa then tell me which broker with no deposit bonus do you prefer?

    1. XM and Tickmill!

    2. Alright bantu bam
      Tickmill is the best
      Gt247 which is ZAR account from Mzansi
      And of course others the other thing I’ve realised with these brokeres that offer big bonuses they’re actually fraudulent so rather get someone who knows how to trade and let that person teach you how to trade on markets, free things ain’t an option….

  14. Goa hi. I’m Katlego….is there any legit broker u’d recommend except XM & FBS? [email protected]

    1. Any broker that does not request more than 1 lot turnover for 10$ of bonus is fair enough. That is a key you can recognize fraudsters and greed brokers. Also broker cant lies you about anything. Ever, never. If they lied you once they will lie to you all the time. For example, these people behind Extrasum are a bunch of notorious liars. And I caught them into many lies. Never ever they say sorry or we will try harder to fix issues. No, they continue to lie and even become very angry (?!) Typical bad people and fraudster behave. Some time ago multibankfx have a decent promotion. Right now just Windsorbrokers have an active decent promo with fair conditions. Don’t be stupid slaves. Do not participate into insane promos where you get nothing but give your documents, time, efforts, skills and knowlage. If they want us as clients force them to be fair. Do not accept conditions which put you into slavery, to trade some insane turnovers, to deliver your efforts to promote them, to earn profit for them. All of them have counter positions against your trades. All of them make huge money with this promos. Be smart. If you participate, participate just into something that is fair.

      1. No no ..Don’t trust Goa words.he is saying fake words. Extrasum fx is very very good. I got my profits in my Neteller account within 5 Minutes. We can trust Extrasum Fx broker. I like this broker.

        1. Only you maybe have got is a tip for your fake posts here or somewhere else. Extrasum is a pure shame for FX industry and anyone who deals with them can experience just a pain, lies and more pain and more lies. I analyze various brokers for 9 years. I have completed my fx trading activities a long time ago. No need to trade for more money anymore. Just as a hobby I am testing all new names and promos that appear around. No broker can buy me or my opinion. Newcomers are a very fragile group. Extrasum or similar fraudsters can mislead them so easy. I am paying back my old debt to people that saved me from fraudsters in the past.

        2. How much did the broker pay you? XD

      2. I know you’re telling the truth, but tell me what’s best with the brokers who give you a bonus no deposit?

  15. Pure scam after get profit you account disable c,Not trade chat support Not work.. Don’t trust this bullshit

  16. it was real.just now i withdrawal 5$.very fast transaction.just try for it do not consider the bad comments in here..they are fake comments.

    1. Yes..amith saying true words. Extrasum fx broker is very good. We can trust them.

      1. YES! If they trust you they will go broke! XD

  17. i do get bonus. problm is before it less 100$ it cant traid.

  18. guys i am a forex trade who has a working strategy but got no funds am looking for a partnership if interesed contact [email protected] to see what i can offer and do


  20. It’s auto withdrawal, 20$ withdrawn to my skrill within a minute.
    Thank you Extrasum.

  21. Will you did account management in no deposit.

  22. I need a mentor

    1. I can trade for you and we share profit 50-50% if you have a good capital to invest.

  23. Thanks have a tie for bonusses no deposit for me

  24. Hii India bouns avebal yes ya no

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