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$500 NO Deposit 2022 Bonus – N1CM

N1CM (Number 1 Capital Market) Gives a $500 No Deposit Bonus for the winners of the new year 2022 campaign. The participants require to like/follow the N1CM Facebook and Instagram page, like the relevant post, and tag a first on the post comment. There is a total of 5 winners where 2 of them are picked from the Facebook and other 3 from Instagram through a draw.

n1cm no deposit bonus

Deposit FREE Welcome Bonus

Joining Link: Welcome-Promo

Ending Date: January 07, 2022

Offer is Applicable: All Clients

How to Apply:

  • Like/Follow the N1CM official Facebook/Instagram page
  • Like the related post
  • Tag 1 Friend in the comment to enter the draw

To Win: The winners will be selected randomly through a draw.


  • PROFITS – All Profits are withdrawable
  • Intial BONUS – NO

Terms & Conditions – N1CM NO DEPOSIT Bonus

This promotion can be terminated anytime without any such notice.

General terms and conditions are applicable

The will be nulled once any withdrawal request is made.

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Min.Deposit: 25 USD

Regulated: FSCA

Max.Leverage: 1:500

Country: Array

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Min.Deposit: 5 USD

Regulated: ASIC

Max.Leverage: 1:888

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Min.Deposit: $5

Regulated: IFSA

Max.Leverage: 1:3000

Country: Array

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Min.Deposit: 10 USD

Regulated: VFSC

Max.Leverage: 1:1000

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Min.Deposit: $1

Regulated: FSC of BVI

Max.Leverage: 1:1000

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  1. Not shown how to get the bonus, no link to register, I tried to register a live account wich caused in an error message on the site itself.
    Idea of 6month is nice,also profit is all withdrawable,but of no ise when its nit possible to open an account.

    1. You should be blind !

      1. then show me the screenshit with the link that works !
        And never forget to be kind to others.

        1. Need to register and verify first, then ask the support for bonus..

  2. Stupid broker

    1. why?

  3. Great broker verified my account as soon as they finished verifying my documents which I sent via email I got the bonus

  4. Fast executions…and easy to get the money…they re good

  5. I enjoyed trading with this Broker. so far so good.

  6. 15 lot from 15 $ to withdrawal you very stupid and scam broker

  7. Not shown how to get the bonus, no link to register, I tried to register a live account wich caused in an error message on the site itself.
    Idea of 6month is nice,also profit is all withdrawable,but of no ise when its nit possible to open an account.
    bad support

    1. open real account from clicking upper side three lines .then verify ur email and fone and documents .

  8. very bad

  9. scam broker

  10. Great broker, verified my account and in 24Hrs bonus was available!

  11. Dear Value members,
    The Number one capital markets broker increased the welcome bonus from $15 to $30 and we are also added deposit bonus up to %55

  12. Pure scam

  13. Trading through an anonymous proxy server on the bonus account is prohibited. If more than 5 (five) connections from differed IP addresses belonging to different regions are detected, the bonus will be canceled.
    easy way to cancel it hhhhh
    so its legal scam

  14. V good broker.give me$30 without any hesitation

  15. scam broker , if you upload your documents it will never ever give you any sense

  16. how can I get a 30 $ bonus without deposit

  17. not for indonesia they said

  18. Not for indonesia they said

  19. Wow.
    Just another Scam. Awesome. I mailed my documents and no live chat nothing at all lets hope they reply . 🤣😂 .

  20. after verified, asking for bonus by email and they reply we dont give NDB bonus anymore… and keep calling me to make a deposit.

  21. This brokerage is a thief

  22. Hi, The deposit/withdrawal at this broker are my favourites. It is fast, and I always received my funds on the same day.

  23. Dunya sonu bir broker paranızı geri alamazsınız. Boşuna deneyipte para harcamayın!!

    1. Merhabalar,
      Kurumumuz ile alakalı yaptığınız yoruma istinaden inceleme sağlandığında isminize kayıtlı aktif bir yatırımcı olmadığını ve ağustos.19.2019 tarihinden önce tarafımıza iletilen bir para çekim talebi bulunmamaktadır. Konuyla ilgili hesap numaranızı veya iletişim bilgilerinizi paylaşmanızı rica ederiz.

      There is no request for withdrawal of money before 08.19.2019. Please kindly share your account number or contact information.

      N1CM Support
      N1CM Destek

  24. I request you to register to make advantage of your bonus please you try to allow me

  25. 50 lota for 50$ hahahaha you so crazy!!!

  26. Such a stupid term and condition

  27. All the best

  28. what Bullshit is this offer ??? Greedy scam

  29. NDB trade $ 50 terms 50 Lot, poor broker doesn’t have capital

  30. Scam scam.. don’t even try to register
    I sent the required documents instead of verifying them am told my account is locked out

  31. The broker is amazingly client-oriented! In addition to excellent spreads and full shares leverage and other goodies, I was provided with a free VPS server. In addition, they helped to set it and did not calm down until I launched it.

  32. vãi cả lol .50 lo

  33. This broker has a very interesting bonus conditions. After registration and depositing, you are given money. They don’t ask for anything in return, don’t limit the time or require any crazy trading volumes. You can’t withdraw this bonus, which is expected, it’s a bonus, but you can earn more and withdraw what you earn.

  34. For me, there are two positive points here.
    1. Deposit from 10$.
    2. the broker gives a bonus to everyone without conditions. At the moment, it gives only 10% as a bonus for small deposits. This is not so much, but it is enough to open one extra order. That’s something)

    In general, the broker is not greedy. Such awesome spreads. In general, N1CM is a good broker for traders.

  35. I have registered few days ago and got bonus of 25% on my first deposit. I must admit that registration procedure requested from me to upload my ID and latest utility bill with my current address. Verification took some time, but it was not complicated at all. Most importantly, I have got my bonus

  36. Bonus cannot be withdrawn, you can only trade with it. But anyway, if you thinking seriously to trade, than this bonus can be good support to your initial investment.

  37. A percentage of my deposit was added to my initial deposit as a bonus. I didn’t really bother about it and only traded normally.

  38. I didn’t trust brokers that give bonuses because of the things I have heard about them. SInce I got here, I have not noticed fraudulence

  39. N1cm gives first deposit bonus. Got some percentage when I made deposit. The spread is tight for the ECN account and the commission is also low. Pips are paying my bills

  40. It provides various promotions in the form of first time deposit bonuses and gifts. Some of the promotions are sort of seasonal. The general trading condition is okay

  41. Good

  42. Crypto deposits come with bonuses. The bonuses are quite okay and usually serve as a good start. Since one would be trading with more trading balance

  43. I opened an account because of the present iPhone give away. I hope to win the bonus. Since I also opened I noticed that the trading features here are better than what I experienced where I was trading before now

  44. The deposit bonus was my first reason for choosing the broker. There is a bonus on all crypto deposits. But now I am sticking with the broker because of the favourable trading conditions

  45. Withdrawal is fast and easy. Takes 2 hours and it is free of charge. Bonuses are also given for deposits made

  46. I recently deposited $1000 using the cryptocurrency option and received a bonus on top of that. I was happy to have received additional money which gave me a higher purchasing power without even having to place a trade.

  47. Some additional money was added to my initial deposit. I was able to use it well with the high leverage provided..having a leverage if 1:500 is a lot

  48. It’s possible to transfer funds between Mt5 accounts with running trades as long as it is not more than free available margin, thanks n1cm support for helping.

  49. The customer support goes above and beyond when helping me with my quiries. I have never had a real issue and things have been going smoothly with this broker

  50. First deposit bonus is up to 35%. 100% would be nice but low spreads are better

  51. Nothing is as satisfying as knowing that when I need to speak with a customer care representative, they are always a click away. I easily reached them through Skype and sometimes on WhatsApp, and it has been more effective than sending emails and having to wait for hours or sometimes days before getting replies, as the traditional brokers do

  52. My third and, final (I hope) broker that I’ve tried so far and thankfully, they tick all the necessary boxes. Tight spreads on FX and Gold, great execution and same day deposit/withdrawal. Plus, they’ve got some technically proficient people on customer support. (I was having some trouble setting up my RSI but Sean from live chat helped me see it through)

  53. I always enjoy the welcome bonus that n1cm offers. It’s great for when you’re unsure of what to trade, it’s perfect for a cushion. I would recommend it to anyone who is new to trading.

  54. Hello. And Bye.

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  57. I recently opened an account with N1CM and was impressed with how quick and easy the process was. The registration process was simple and straightforward, and I was able to complete it in just a few minutes.

    One of the key factors contributing to the speed and ease of the account opening process was N1CM’s availability on WhatsApp. I was able to get in touch with their customer support team quickly and easily through the app, and they were able to answer any questions I had and assist me throughout the process.

  58. Спасибо, долго искал

  59. Delete plz.

  60. спасибо, интересное чтение

  61. + for the post

  62. very interesting, but nothing sensible

  63. I have tried other brokers in the past, but none of them have provided me with the same level of service that n1cm has. I would definitely recommend this broker.

  64. Cool, I’ve been looking for this one for a long time

  65. interesting post

  66. very good

  67. Thanks, I’ve been looking for this for a long time

  68. Hey guys,

    I’m trying to sell my house fast in Colorado and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions on how to do it quickly and efficiently? I’ve already tried listing it on some popular real estate websites, but I haven’t had much luck yet.

    I’ve heard that staging my home can help it sell faster, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the investment.

    Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  69. recieved 50% bonus in march, no problems, recommend n1cm.

  70. I’ve been trading forex and crypto CFDs with N1CM, and I must say they’re a professional and trustworthy broker. The products they offer are top-notch, and I haven’t encountered any issues with them so far.

  71. which kmspico site is real

  72. Hello.

  73. After some time trading with N1CM, I’ve come to realize that maybe I’m just not cut out for this market. I’ve tried different strategies, but nothing seems to work for me, and unfortunately, I’ve exhausted my 25% deposit bonus which was capped at $5000. This bonus was the only thing keeping me around, but it’s time for me to move on. It’s been a journey with N1CM, and who knows, maybe we’ll meet again in the future.

  74. I’ve been trading with N1CM for a while now, and while the trading conditions are good, I have mixed feelings about their payment methods. I prefer using payment agents instead of banks, but the ones available through N1CM are expensive. For example, Sticpay charged me up to 13% commission, which is extremely high.

    On the positive side, N1CM does offer cheaper payment methods, but they take longer to process. This can be inconvenient if you need quick access to your funds.

  75. As a potential trader, I was considering signing up with N1CM, but I found a few aspects that gave me pause. Firstly, the 35% bonus they offer seemed comparatively lower compared to other platforms offering 100% or even 250% bonuses. Moreover, N1CM’s spreads were not the most competitive in the market. Additionally, I was disappointed to discover that the bonus they provide is non-withdrawable, despite fulfilling the industry miminmum required trading volume. While N1CM may have other attractive features, these factors influenced my decision to explore other options with more favorable bonus structures and trading conditions.

  76. Cool + for the post

  77. Although there is a $2.5 commission per side, the overall package of this ECN Account aligns perfectly with my day trading needs.

  78. thanks, interesting read

  79. If I opt-in for one of N1CM’s bonus promotions and have an equity of $10,000 or less in my live account, the maximum leverage allowed will be 1:500. This is a thoughtful feature that ensures responsible trading and protects lower equity accounts.

    As my equity grows, N1CM adjusts the maximum leverage and minimum required margin accordingly. With an equity between $1,000 and $1,999, I can enjoy a leverage of up to 800:1 and a minimum required margin of 0.125%. This precision in margin requirements allows me to optimize my trading strategy based on my account size.

    From lower equity accounts to substantial portfolios, they provide appropriate leverage ratios and minimum required margins. This ensures that I can trade with confidence, knowing that my leverage is aligned with my equity and risk tolerance.

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  85. Exceptionally patient customer support distinguishes N1CM. Unlike other platforms using the common phrase, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” N1CM’s unique approach stands out—they wait for you to conclude the chat. Truly distinctive.

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    What do you advise? What is the best game to play where the chances of winning are higher?

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    What’s your advice? What is the best slot to play where the chances of winning are higher?

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  90. At N1CM, I enjoy low spreads and quick trade execution without any order rejections. Being able to use EAs in my trading adds to the positive experience. Plus, withdrawals are always processed fast. I would recommend this broker.

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